Do you people UNDERSTAND that ENGLISH is the universal...

Bernadette - July 17 2011, 8:49 PM

Do you people UNDERSTAND that ENGLISH is the universal language (on the Planet) for BUSINESS?

And did you also KNOW that FRENCH is the universal language (on the Planet) for Academia?

CARICOM is a business association entity for mainly Latin America of which Haiti is part of.
Although much of Latin America speaks Spanish.

President Martelly wanted Haiti to be represented in French as it is the nearest language on the chart that can readily copied so Haitians CAN understand CARICOM and its policies.

Now, Do we truly have extra chromosomes for troubles?

It seems like it.
People who can read our blogs are laughing at our expense as we did not truly understand WHY Mr. Martelly made an attempt to elevate Haiti to a milestone.

People, please READ to understand headlines BEFORE commented on them.
It is somewhat interesting how nobody said anything about the true meaning of Martelly's wanting the Haitian people to understand CARICOM and Haitians to be treated like other representatives of CARICOM when they traveled abroad for that very same purpose.


Shame on you people.

You supposed to lead your people in the right direction.

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