Hi agent X, I have no problem with the deportees of Haiti, I...

Bernard - July 1 2011, 10:07 PM

Hi agent X, I have no problem with the deportees of Haiti, I have to say I give Preval credit for helping them, I read once there was a program under Peval to help them and to integrate them in the system in Haiti, because some of them came to America when they were babies, and they do not even speak creole or french, that is criminal on the part of the US to send them back to a country they do not kwnow, I have read stories of people in Guyana being deported and they had to live in the streets and survive however they could.

I am against this deportation situation, why dont we fight amd ask the government of Haiti not to allow the deportation of young people such as these.

My point is the government in Haiti should set some rules like anyone that has been in the US for a certain amount of years should not be deportable, that is why I am upset with Aristidehe could have started that process a long time ago!

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The problem of insecurity by the deportees is...

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