Do you realizes that you are dealing with a super power that...

Agent-x - July 1 2011, 11:01 PM

Do you realizes that you are dealing with a super power that is flouting international laws, orchestrating chaos and destabilization in little countries that dare to articulate their interest such as Cuba, Nicaragua,Jamaica, Haiti,Chile, Yemen,Iran, Venezuela,Palestine, Egypt,Iraq [and the list is too long to continue], by paying thugs and arming them to create havoc in those countries.Guy Philippe is a perfect example.They are doing the same thing now in Libya.they have hundred of Guy Phillip version now in Libya on the payroll by the same master.

When a powerful thug is flouting the international treaties and conventions, no one should be compelled to follow any laws that the thug refuse to follow;the laws of the jungle is currently the prevailing laws of the world.

So there nothing much Aristide could do to curb the behavior of a lawless state.

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Hi agent X, I have no problem with the deportees of...

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