How Should United Nations Repay Haiti For Cholera?

There are many people making suggestions on ways that MINUSTAH should repay Haiti for bribing cholera to Haiti.

Sarah Palin Visit A Sich Cholera Patient In Haiti

What do you suggest?

So far, the cholera outbreak has affected 363,000 people in Haiti and more than 5,500 people have died.

What do you think would be a good way for the UN and MINUSTAH to repay Haiti?

Reply with your comments.

Ban Ki Moon and Edmond Mulet in front of Collapsed Haiti National Palace   UN Soldiers Block access to Hinche Haiti Airport Strip   Hinche Haiti Airport Secured for Presidential Arrival   Cortege President Martelly sou Piste Aeoport Hinche la   Hinche Haiti Airport Perimeter   Aeoport Hinche la Sekirize, President Martelly pwal ateri   UN Sodiers secure Hinche Haiti Airport, President Martelly is coming   MINUSTAH Soldiers Surround Hinche Haiti Airport Awaiting President Martelly's Arrival  

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Mitch says...

We are just kidding around.

How much money as fund do you think the UN has for compensation?

I am sure not much. Why was the UN in Haiti in the first place?

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Mariethejonassaint says...

Pourquoi?je me demande pourquoi depuis 200 Ans Haitiens ap Utilise D'leau la riviere ceci dit a tous les endroits retires des Villes Mais pourquoi c'est maintenant apres la venue des soldats de l'ONU que nous avons commencer a etre infecte de ce VIRUS {CHOLERA nous reclamons dedomagement etVaccins pour nos Pauvres Freres et soeurs Haitiens Deja Morts et Infectespar le

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Mariethejonassaint says...

L'ONU should send some Vaccins for the Haitians people infected by this Virus and repay Haiti

wehre's my first

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Mariethejonassaint says...

L'ONU should send some Vaccins for the Haitians people infected by this Virus and repay Haiti

wehre's my first

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Pastor, i hope you know God will use Haiti as the center-force before his coming.

This is the process and will start so fast every nation on this planet will be in chock.

Just get ready because the ride will be very bumpy at first, specially if we do not reject voodooism and other useless religions.

Pastor, don't believe in any government who tell you they can fix Haiti before that bumpy

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Marleine says...




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Calixte Guerrier Pastor says...

Legal suggestion pronounced by Rev. Calixte
Guerrier, Pastor, Theologian, Former Haitian Army, Former Presidential Candidate 2005-2006.

I suggest we do this legally, or constitutionally.

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Tiba says...

First of all it's a wishful thinking to think UN would or should compensate Haiti/Haitian familly for KILLING their families and love ones by contaminating them with cholera.

This is not an accident, or coincident, or an unfortunate mistake.

This was a well intentional fatal conspiracy to kill and eliminate as many Haitians in the shortest time as possible.

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Michel says...

I feel that they should pay for the lost that the family suffered, and yes we should reinstate the army and identify/weed out the ones that have the ideology of the old regime of the Ton Ton macouts.

Its time for us to prosper, its a shame that we are the first black Island in the Carabean to be freed of slavery but has not evolved to the subline degree of tue Democracy and independency.

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Lloyd says...

Let start by kicking these nepales soldiers out of the country.Take the UN to the world court.Sue them for
each haitian that suffered and died of Cholera,$1000000.00 to each victim family.Ask them to allow a country of our choice to help us rebuild our military.Our armed forces should be at least 10% of our population instead of paying the UN an arm and leg to disrespect, kill,rape our people.It'll cost 75 to, 80% less to our young men and women to protect us than paying the Un to teorize our people.Oh!Dessalines, where are you?Help us, come back plese, take the foreigners boots of our

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