Ann, very simple to understand the problem.Well my sister this...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 7 2011, 9:45 PM

Ann, very simple to understand the problem.Well my sister this is the result of Aristide and Praval aftermath.This is very sad in deed to end up like that.
Haiti is in the worst stage after our revolution.

We need another one, but this time we will not have to kill the French, but our own flesh and blood"the people know whom to look for".

We need to clean that mess in the country ounce for all.Look just few days a go in one of the small Islands of Greece,10 Greeks parliament officials and other parliament from the Europe crap almost get their heads pluck-off from their bodies by the Greek people, when the people receive the word, they were eating in some restaurant there in that Island in a meeting.

In Athens and all the rest of the country went wild with demonstration asking for change against corruptions ect...

The fact is our parliament officials are animals, therefore they should be kill like dogs or thrown out to sea like the Greeks wanted to do to theirs.

I don't believe in this life our Haitian government can change, maybe next five generations.

Our politicians destroy Haiti and the people for the sake of begging to other nations.

Started with that cock sucker Prosper Avril, crying like a bitch in heat begging the USA for beds and boots for the soldiers in plain interview with CNN, from that day the rest of the presidents copy that strategies.

We should have the courage to attach Aristide and Preval with the same rope together and hang them very high to a palm tree in Champs-de-Mars to makes an example.

Haiti will never be free with these guys around, mark my words.

Next trip to Haiti get ready to vomit.

You will want to get a weapon and ask for justice
Take care.

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