Jean Pierre, I am as angry as you are but I am amazed at your...

Ray - June 8 2011, 1:16 AM

Jean Pierre,

I am as angry as you are but I am amazed at your "simplistic" comments regarding Aristide I don't know about the Preval of 2006-2011 but I know a little of him and Arisitide from 1991-2004.

My studies reveal that Aristide and Preval actually accomplished some positive structural changes in Haiti to benefit the poor (schools, University, medical facilities, literacy program and doubling the minimum wage).

Have other Haitian leaders accomplished much except trample on people's rights and become rich through corruption?.

These are facts!

What Aristide accomplished, he did in spite of extreme external international pressure to resign as the fairly elected leader of the vast majority of Haitians (from right wing capitalistic countries like the US, France and Canada),and internal opposition from the evil elite, paramilitary forces and the likes of the murderous FRAPH, all supported by the US government).

History informs us that powerful foreign capitalistic governments fight against socialistic governments like Cuba, Nicauragua, Panama, Venezuela and of course Haiti under Aristide and Preval, who try to lift the poor out of survival mode. These are well known facts!

Against your argument, I would like to know how it is that Aristide's and Preval's Lavalas party could possibly win 4 elections by a huge majority from 1991 to 2011 if they were the problem.

I don't think you can answer that question with any credible response.

I think you are off the mark with your criticism of Aristide.

Haiti is in its tragic situation due to American subjugation of the poor for the enrichment of the wealthy elite along with Haiti's institionalized corruption such as dictatorships of the past and I'm sure politicians of the present and even in Aristide's government but not because of Aristide.

He certainly wan't perfect, but what do you expect when the government of a poor country like Haiti is pressured by the most powerful nations in the world who hold the aid gun to Haiti's head?

I would agree with you that corrupt politicians have played a large part in destroying Haiti, but I would certainly not include Aristide.

You do realize that the Democratic Convergence (that's a joke isn't it?)and G184 played a huge role of working against Aristide between 2000 and 2004. Their "zero" plan to isolate Aristide and not work with his government so that they could say that Aristide was ineffective and uncompromising was one of the reasons Aristide was ousted and kidnapped by the US in 2004.

I agree with you about Prosper Avril and I would add Cedras too and the Haitian clown that came from Miami to head the torturous interim government from 2004-2006, killing hundreds if not thousands of Aristide's people.

Woulds you agree with me here?

Why are you not mentioning these crooks?

We'll see what substantive policies and advancements Martelly accomplishes beside his symbolic photo opportunities he is taking advantage of in his first weeks in power.

The jury is out until then. I hope he does well for Haiti's sake, but I don't know if he is a US puppet or not.

God bless Haiti for no one else seems to care except in my opinion Aristide and the churches who reach out to those who live in dire circumstances.

I'd like to hear you, Jean Pierre, but no swearing please.

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