President Martelly Puts His Boots On To Help Haiti

"I was in the streets during the rain," President Michel Martelly says, "and I got home, put my boots on, and I'm back in the streets to assess the situation."

President Michel Martelly With Boots

It's raining in Haiti, people are dying, and Haiti has No Government body!

With the Haitian president STILL waiting for parliament to make up their minds about ratifying a Prime Minister to head Haiti's Government, he is left with no choice but to go out himself and assist the people of Haiti who are hit hard and crying in the rain.

President Michel Martelly is out with members of his new cabinet handing out supplies to the people.

"I'm now trying to help people," President Martelly says, "and distribute some food. I hope people can find shelter"

How are Haitians reacting to this kind gesture from the president?

I've been hearing on the radio how proud some Haitians are of their new president after learning that he put on his boots to go out in the rain to help AND how discussed they are at the Haitian senators and Deputes how are in the comfort of their homes doing nothing!

I guess we all agree that Haiti is in a state of emergency... and guess what...

The congress of Haiti still has not ratified the head of the Haitian Government...


What is your reaction to how President Martelly is handling the situation?

What is your message to all the Haitian congressmen out there?

Reply with your comments

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Marie Michel says...

This is very humble of him, haiti never had any president like this, all of them just want to come and steal, fill up their bag, and their family/friend and kill the

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Garry says...

yes the forget that some of these dead are their own cousins.

When a person is confused of who he is, he is dangerous.

I bet you aristid and preval sons and daughters will never speak creol.

a poor will always be be poor no matter how much money he has, it is all in his

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Miejo says...

President Michel Martelly, bravo les

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Jotham Mascary says...

For now President Michel Martelly has to take action into his own hands to save the country and his people.

The fact of the matter is, with the Inite as the heahd of "parliament" its memebers will stand as a ion barriere aigainst any progress.

They will use each and every malicious tricks in the book of corruption and selffisness to make the goverment of Michel Martelly a failure.Keep in mind, they are not patriot, they are just"patriporket" they are elected only for the money.

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Patricia says...

President Martelly, ne craignez point et ne vous effrayez point, car ce ne sera pas vous qui combattrez, ce sera Dieu.Vous n'aurez point a combattre en cette affaire;presentez- vous, tenez-vous la je vous ferai le triage: dit L'Eternel des Armees.L'Eternel combattra pour vous;et vous, gardez le silence.All the prayer warriors keep praying by next week we will see how God hands going to take Haiti in charge and nobody would be able to stand.God bless

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Amonnon Louis says...

Lap toujou difisil pou Ayisyen kontestan yo konprann Prezidan Martelly pou

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Amonnon Louis says...

Lap toujou difisil pou Ayisyen kontestan yo mal konprann Prezidan Martelly pou

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Ray says...

Jean Pierre,

I am as angry as you are but I am amazed at your "simplistic" comments regarding Aristide I don't know about the Preval of 2006-2011 but I know a little of him and Arisitide from 1991-2004.

My studies reveal that Aristide and Preval actually accomplished some positive structural changes in Haiti to benefit the poor (schools, University, medical facilities, literacy program and doubling the minimum wage).

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Leon Roy says...

According to sans pudeur, sans honte, audacieux Jean Pierre Alexandre, Aristide and Preval caused Haiti downfall.

To be more precise read the following quotes from this bastard "RE: President Martelly Puts His Boots On To Help Haiti

Jean Pierre Alexandre Says...

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Ann, very simple to understand the problem.Well my sister this is the result of Aristide and Praval aftermath.This is very sad in deed to end up like that.
Haiti is in the worst stage after our revolution.

We need another one, but this time we will not have to kill the French, but our own flesh and blood"the people know whom to look for".

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