This is a very good newa I am very happy about Frere Armand's...

Marlene Burcky - May 9 2011, 10:08 PM

This is a very good newa I am very happy about Frere Armand's back ground.

Well last week I heard the USA is going to train Haitians regarding the Agriculture.

The President is Happy just like us, and I think his visit to Frere Armand was to encourage him and show his appreciation for accepting to use his skills to improove Haitian Agriculture .I wish Frere Armand GOOD LUCK and congratulate the President this is call Protocole not Politic.

Those peoples who are writing in creole about Americans better keep their mouth shot
They gets on my nerves.

and this thing about naturalisation so what I had to option as an American for my benefits.

I am always interested about my country.

I am HAITIANand when I am asked I said I am HAITIAN
I will not return to Haiti because of the Kidnapers.

I don't need to meet the President, I just want to know about the progress in Haiti.

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