Haitian has no purity at all.The government is worse but the...

Richelle - May 9 2011, 7:58 PM

Haitian has no purity at all.The government is worse but the entire nation is worthless whem its come to the nation integrity.

First of all, haitian people are not law follower period.Only 2 out off hundred haitian that honest and abide by the law. Haitian force themselves to follow the american law, they know once the get cought american will not play with them. If it wasn't for that it would be a catastrophe here in america with haitian, haitian worse than cuban.I'm haitian proud to be but I hate haitian as a result of the way conducting their business in haiti also here. I don't trust haitian in anything not even with a dime, they will do whatever for money:killing, distortion,cheat, impose upon, coax. Haitian need a big turn around in oder for haiti to become a better place.

Haitian need to stop the twisting business before they can earn credibility from others included me. Haitian inferior towards they own people, ingnorant about reality the only reson I'm proud being haitian is because of the strong history our forefathers left for us as nation.

Other nation can hate haitian for being krook but can not remove haiti in the world book of history fore being the first black on Earth to pave the way for other black nation thats all I'm proud off. Thanks to Jehovah my ancestors were human being not animal like those politichien kk haiti has at this time. I hope one day somebody will call those krook in the court of law before they miserable life end for what they did to haiti and the people.

Haitian like short cut they like to loafing around some of haitian women have low selfesteem lie to government for food stamp, housing,while living with their boyfriend.The minute they get off the airplane only thing on their mind is to have baby. No school to learn better English to get a career nothing and depand on my tax and other people taxes to take care them and their kids.This is why most haitian like democrat for food stamp.

Obama not doing nothing except killing osama haitian like him cz he raise food stamp.

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