Pandiassou Haiti - President Michel Martelly Visits Frere Armand

Haiti Agriculture - 3 Miles from Hinche Haiti is Pandiassou and a BIG IDEA that has revolutionized agriculture in that area. President-elect Michel Martelly paid a visit over the weekend to Frere Armand, the man behind the idea... So.. What is it?

Cheval Horse Haiti Countryside Savane Haleine Haiti

Being a native of Hinche Haiti, I always knew about Frere Armand (father Franklin Armand) and his fish ponds (elevage poisson) in Pandiassou Haiti, but let me tell you, his idea is much bigger than growing fish!

35 years ago, father Franklin Armand began to change the life of Haitian farmers in Pandiassou by inspiring them to build fish ponds.

No... Not just to eat and sell fish...

In the past 35 years, these fish ponds in Pandiassou, ranging in size from a swimming pool to that of a football field, have been used to irrigate the lands surrounding them.

How well has this idea worked for local agriculture in Pandiassou Haiti?

Read this... 13 years ago, in December 1998, The Associated Press wrote an article about a farmer in Pandiassou Haiti who went from earning $70 an acre from a single harvest to making $800 per acre per harvest... from a single harvest per year before the ponds to 3 harvest per year after the ponds...

Do the math and you will realize...

If this simple idea of water catchments and rainwater harvesting is implemented across Haiti, not only will it diminish flooding and erosion in Haiti, but the irrigation from these little lakes here and there will ensure that farmers crops will yield more crops.

This alone can increase the "Production Nationale" and further reduce out dependency on foreign food.


What is the purpose of President Michel Martelly's visit pandiassou?

Was his visit plain politics (to congratulate Frere Armand and keep his idea on the microscopic level that is is) or is the president planing to improve it take it to the National level?

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Claudette Surpris says...

This is a fantastic idea. I visited a place in Jordan where ancient people used to gather rain water.

For many years I have been thinking about that system for Haiti.This is great.

Implanting that all over haiti would help trees to grow

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Patricia says...

I just saw some pictures where the president went to visit North-East (Fort-liberte and Limonade) I'm impress to see how the security was so tied, I do not know about the other part of Haiti from I saw the North and North-East carry the president on their back.They are whiling to work with the president and give their all to move Haiti forward, they have the strengh of Dessaline and King Henry.Just keep praying for MR Martelly and his

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Abel Faroul says...

I congratulate president martelly for the good start, I'm asking all haitian to keep haiti and our president elect in our

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Rev. Calixte Guerrier Pastor says...

Dear Honorable,
In living space, there are many ways to help Farmers develop agriculture
into positive.

So, I think the Elect President should play a major role in that
by taking it to a higher level.

Or find ways to fund those kind of project.

Any way, we on the right track.

Respectfully Rev. Calixte

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Marlene Burcky says...

One of the man on this link wrote a nice email about Frere Armand but, Sir I am sorry you have to put your pride on the side President Martelly cannot rebuilt Haiti without USA help. The President himself had to put his pride on the side for his country when He met with the Cliton ( do you think it was easy for him to sign those papers?

NO but He put his country first.

He has pride also like you and me.

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Marlene Burcky says...

This is a very good newa I am very happy about Frere Armand's back ground.

Well last week I heard the USA is going to train Haitians regarding the Agriculture.

The President is Happy just like us, and I think his visit to Frere Armand was to encourage him and show his appreciation for accepting to use his skills to improove Haitian Agriculture .I wish Frere Armand GOOD LUCK and congratulate the President this is call Protocole not Politic.

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Josy says...

It is a great idea, and others should follow

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Bob says...

Very interesting PDF about Pandiassou Haiti.


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Jynee says...

for those who don't know about Pandiassou and are interested to learn more, you can copy/paste the link and you get a PDF version of the project through the Haitian League website.

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