I do not mind for any of them to go back to Haiti, but you...

Richelle - January 27 2011, 11:16 AM

I do not mind for any of them to go back to Haiti, but you know aristide will never stay still in haiti.

He will always play in the mind of the lowest educated haitian those that like him dearly to make them do stupid things.

Aristide do not like the elite, nor ligth skin haitian, therefore I say no.He need to stay away from haiti as much as possible, he is a distructive force for the haitian community.

Since he know the haitian people liked him, instaid of help them he used that to get rich.Then dont give a rat ass about them he like revange he do not let thing go.I hate him and that dumb call preval

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It's not me,my thinking or my word and I did not...

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