Michel Martelly will win the presidential elections for...

Ansy Joseph - January 27 2011, 10:54 AM

Michel Martelly will win the presidential elections for several reasons;
1) During all the political debate, problems, suggestions, negociations etc...

Michel Martelly wsa the only one between the 2 head runners who talked to the media.

People like to hear about their leader.

Mirlande Manigat was absent.

2) According to the relationship between Manigat and Chavez (President of Venezuela), the USA cannot trust a power lead by Manigat
3) And the professor is right, people need change, that's why they reject Jude celestin.

So the road is wide open for Michel Martelly

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I can't agree with you more. Sweet Micky will win!

Great point and I agree with you. Michel Martelly...

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