You are right that no one got 50% and no one would get 51...

Toulimen - December 21 2010, 9:21 PM

You are right that no one got 50% and no one would get 51% too. The choice is already made and Mirelande would lead Haiti for sure. She would be elected the same way her husband got elected.

I thought her qualifications would enable her to be chosen by the people, but that is not the case. I withdraw my poltical support to her campaign, and there will be no real change in Haiti in the days ahead.

It is sad that a real intellectual presidential candidate like would get appointed by a puppet to lead Haiti.

I repeat again that Celestin is not Preval's choice and the latter is on board to play a political game. Don't let people fool you, Mirelande is the choice of Rene Preval and the international community as well. Nothing will change and the elections will be tainted with massive frauds ok...

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I don't understand why we keep talking about the last...


hi Toulimen

Toulimen, please ekri mwen nan virgojava35 at, we need to talk.

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We all know it was a set-up to put Mrs Manigat, but...

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