We all know it was a set-up to put Mrs Manigat, but one thing...

Patricia - December 22 2010, 9:58 AM

We all know it was a set-up to put Mrs Manigat, but one thing you forget this is 21st century the Haitians people will never accept her as their presidentI hope they have another plan because we will choose our destiny.I'm glad for some of you starting to open your eyes, because Haiti is crying enough already it can not keep that etiquette of the poorest country in the world anymore it's about time for the sun to shine in a Haiti.They know the only way for Haiti to change is if Martelly president and they will never accept it the one thing I know nobody is more powerful than my God so I will keep praying because He is able. If God have to shake the whole world to make happen let thy will be done. If you want change let interceding to his throne on behalf of our belove Haiti.God bless Haiti!

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You are right that no one got 50% and no one would...


hi Toulimen

Toulimen, please ekri mwen nan virgojava35 at yahoo.fr, we need to talk.

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