I wish they could start all over, but they would not do it...

Toulimen - December 21 2010, 9:13 PM

I wish they could start all over, but they would not do it because the international community seems happy with the CEP results.

Mirelande Manigat will be their political choice.

That Jude Celestin is a political blame game. Mirelande is the choice of Preval, but politically speaking he is trying to make people believe that he is promoting Celestin.

Politics is dirty and it take clever people to understand their political game. Celestin got paid to play that dirty game. I do not know if Marthelly got also paid to play that political game too, both Mirelande and Marthelly are the Haitian Bourgeoisie cards and the winner will be among them. We have a good electoral process but it will be tainted with electoral frauds...

I think I may withdraw myself from Haitian politics in the days ahead...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011!

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Start a new election where everybody will be able to...


hi Toulimen

Toulimen, please ekri mwen nan virgojava35 at yahoo.fr, we need to talk.

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