If you say we need a social revolution in Haiti to be really...

Jean - December 11 2010, 10:56 PM

If you say we need a social revolution in Haiti to be really politically and economically independent, where we will have a State that will strenghten our institutions, including the respect law for everyone, I am 100% with you.If you say the US or any other country is responsible for all the trouble in Haiti, I think you need to think twice, it is a phrase our politicians keep repeating for the last at least 30 years to drag people behind them to get to power.

Everytime they are not in control of the power they say it to get people's attention, but once they get to power you do not hear it anymore.That means it is not true.The truth is the truth at all time.All the problems in Haiti are caused by Haitians themselves.They can not seat together to have a good vision for the developement of Haiti.

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Haitian political leaders leran to steal people's...

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