Suspend Travel Visas For Senior Haitian Officials, A U.S. Senator Says

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy is calling for the suspension of travel visas for senior Haitian officials AND their family members until they ensure a "fair and democratic outcome" to the contested Nov. 28 Haiti election.

Wi Fout... "Tenez Le Symbole!" LOL...

If you went to school in Haiti, you will know what this means LOL...

Senator Leahy says...

"As if Haiti did not have enough problems, now, once again, those in power there are trying to subvert the will of the people"

"The United States must come down squarely in support of the Haitian people's right to choose their leaders freely and fairly. By suspending direct aid to the central government and visas for top officials and their immediate family members, the United States would be sending that message"

But wait... There's More...

Senator Patrick Leahy is also asking Washington to withhold funding to the Haitian government as well.

This statement was released Friday, the Miami Herald reports, two days after the release of the election results which caused a outpour of riots in Haiti.

On a side note...

I overheard a radio commentator today saying that Haiti is in such bad shape that threatening to suspend the U.S. Visa of a Haitian official is big deal...

Hmmm... se gro koze!

3 Questions for you:

1) What is your opinion about Senator Leahy requests?

2) Should/Will Washington grant these requests?

3) Will it make a difference?

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Mwen Bouke says...

Please Mr. Leahy re-inforce your idea for them
to finally realize this is not a game as Haiti needs a leader to be choosen by het own people and that should be respected..

As per Mrs Clinton mention last night in Quebec quote'' the haitian gorvernment must do more a key is U.S. Senator call for the freezing of U.S Visa and freezing of U.S Aid.

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Marleine says...

I think its a great idea and it makes sense.

Once the country is in bad shape they all travel to other countries ...speaking of that ..all the countries should do the same cancel their Visas ...Canada, Venezuela specially the Dominican Republic "for Preval" they have to stop shelter him everytime he needs to hide from his mess...

Si yo pat gen okin kote pou yo te ale yo pa tap janm kite peyi a Konsa ti pep la pa gen visa yo paka pati.

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By Kevin Alexander Aka says...

me im agree with patric 2OO% they need to suspended their visa ; that;s a good idea

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Muffi says...

It's about time the US does something that make sense.

It's a great idea. Mr. Laserre, your questions are invalid and nonsense.

Get out of the self-pity mentality.

If you can't see that the senator's decision is a good one, you don't need to be on the radio

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Sergo Jean says...

I support the topic 200 % se paske yo gen visas avec fanmi yo epi yo creye problem pou lot yo ki pa genyen .paske yo connen cou gen problem yo ka pati e sa ki pa genyen yo pa ka ale ocun cote, se sa ki fe le yo chef yo pito fe sa ke blanc vle paske yo bezwen conseve visa yo avec fanmi yo. paske si yo pa chef yo pap gen visa .Epi counie ya pep la decide revoke mounn sa yo avec fanmi yo nan pouvoi yo pap gen visa anco se pou sac fe prezidan preval avec group acolit li yo ap fe tout sa yo capab pou rete nan pouvoi.Mwen panse US Officials yo bezwen fe yon loi ki mete tout Ayisyen sou menm pie degalite .Se sa ki ecri nan Drapo nou wan an Haiti Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite .Yo pa dwe trete pep la diferan de gouveneman puiske se pep ki bay mounn sa yo pouvoi.

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Patrick says...

He absolutely right they do what they doing now because any time soon the country gotta in more trouble they know it is possible for them to travel and leave the country for those who can not go

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Jean Frantz Laserre says...

I host a radio-show in Haiti, I would like to ask a few questions to the Senator Patrick Leahy regarding this issue.

1- Is this a threat or a way to have Haitian Government making concessions about the elections outcome?

2- Will, the Senator proposal be effective by Senate efforts or the Whit House?

3- What role the Senate intends to play in the electoral process in

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Ches says...

I agree! This is the greatest thing I hear so far. Tight them all

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John says...

Haiti will continue to be cursed as long as they embrace the satanic practice of voodoo nation

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Perfect idea.

They are thieves and

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