Should Martelly keep Jean-Max Bellerive as Prime Minister of Haiti?

FACT OF FICTION? - Rumor has it that Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive may continue as Haiti co-pilot of under the Michel Martelly presidency...

Michel Martelly and Jean-Max Bellerive

Here what we know so far...

Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive met in private with Martelly's advisers on Wednesday.

According to an article by the Canadian Press, the prime minister said they discussed the upcoming hurricane season, plans to improve education and the role of NGOs in Haiti.

Prime Minister Bellerive "rebuffed" a question about whether he could serve again as prime minister under Michel Martelly, the Canadian Press said.

REBUFF vle di... Li deside li pap reponn kesyon-an...

What has President-elect Michel Martelly said about this?

Will Martelly will keep Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive as part of his administration?

According to the Miami Herald, Martelly said while Bellerive is a "talented politician" he would not speculate on who he will appoint as prime minister.

"It's not about whose going to be prime minister," he said. "It's about how we're going to change the lives of the Haitian people."


Should Martelly keep Jean-Max Bellerive as Prime Minister of Haiti?

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G.printemps says...

I think it's a very bad idea, he is may be a very smart politician, but in reality, during the quake he was very absent.

We judge by action not by (( belles paroles)) sweet words.

Si le train de la

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Margaret Pierre says...

yes i think he should stay to finish the work that he have started he is a haitain formost thank

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Jeanine Nelson says...

Did Obama keep Dick Cheney as the Vice

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Ti Fwebill says...

Mister the President, tout bagay dwe tout nef, se va you fot grav si ou chwazi Mr. Bellerive.

Mon che prezidan madan Manigat ka fe you bon premye misis.

Satap fe anpil sans mwen panse tout moun tap kontan ak shwa

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Ti Fre says...

Lonne respe mr. prezidan.

Mwen panse madan Mirlande Manigat kap fe you bon premye minis, si ou fe sa tout moun ap kontan e yap we ou menm ou vini pou kapab omwen fe you

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Yves Binbin says...

No.The question should be:Does haiti need a prime minister?

Martely should dismiss Mr bellerive
because he represents Haiti negative past. If i were Mr martely,
i will go with someone outside the
old gang someone from the diaspora,
make history by offering the post to the ex-Governor of canada Michaelle Jean. I don't know much about her but we could at least trust

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Marise Louis says...


Le Renard et le Bouc
Capitaine Renard allait de compagnie
Avec son ami Bouc des plus haut

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Luccin Pierre says...

mwen vle Jean-Max Bellerive pou Premier

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Ben says...

Crack with the new President?

Well i do respect your opinion i do not beleive the President smoke

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3 Feuille Tombe Jete Blie says...

Michael Jean, her mother and her father Roger Jean the former director of College St. Pierre in Port-Au-Prince had to fled Haiti because the tonton macoutes imprisoned and beaten Roger Jean and were about to execute him in Fort Dimanche when a student faithful to him used his connection to help Roger Jean to escape to Canada with his family.

Do you think that Michael Jean will work for the same thugs now. You must just smoke crack with

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