Haiti - Bill Clinton Wants Transparency In The Michel Martelly Presidency!

There are billions of dollars pledged for Haiti reconstruction and Bill Clinton says that transparensy is CRUCIAL in the Michel Martelly Presidency... Can this be achieved? Will it happen?

Bill Clinton and Michel Martelly

Bill Clinton is Haiti's money man... And he wants the Haitian government under Michel Martelly to operate 'Kler kon dlo CULLIGAN!'

Dlo kokoye???

No man...

Dlo kokoye gen ma ladan-l... LOL...

Bill Clinton says...

"Transparency is crucial so that the donors have real confidence... and the people of Haiti can see the houses going up, Haitians being hired, and Haitian businesses being brought into partnership..."

Not only is uncle Bill the United Nations Special Envoy for Haiti, he is also the co-chairman of the Haiti reconstruction commission.

Sa vle di...

When it comes to Bill Clinton, Haiti, and MONEY, the Haitian Government better review this Bible verse: John 14:6 (Jan 14 vese 6)

What Is Transparency In Government?

In politics, according to Wikipedia, transparency is a means of holding public officials accountable and fighting corruption.

When government meetings are open to the press and the public, when budgets and financial statements may be reviewed by anyone, when laws, rules and decisions are open to discussion, they are seen as transparent and there is less opportunity for the authorities to abuse the system in their own interest.

In other words, more transparency mean less corruption?


CAN/WILL there be transparency in the Martelly Presidency?

Does Michel Martelly have what it takes (the Cohones) to fight a political system who's favorite song is: "Vinn pran, Vinn pran, se granmet la ki bay" Hmmmmm???

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Patty Brown says...




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Marie Denise Duvalier says...

My name is Marie Denise Duvalier i.e. MDD or DD. I am asking my lawyer to track your IP address and I will bring you to court soon. My parents are paying attention to all your false accusations on this web and you will be held accountable for

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Soso says...

lets put our difference a side. Mr Martelly is now the President elect, the president of all Haitians.

We must give him a chance, after all he won the election because he worked hard and convinced the voters he was the best, We must work with Mr Martelly for a better Haiti and it is my hope that Mr Martelly continues to access all the medium he used during the election to get feedback, stay in touch and make correction accordingly.

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Marise Louis says...

It is about time someeone thinks about haiti like a human being.

Haitian people are still in slavery.

Only this time the chains are not in their ankles but they entertwined in their brains.

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Denise Duvalier says...

To achieve this goal Michel Martelly must be housed for the next five years in a drug detox and rehab center before he and his thughs smoke the money and put the blame on the crazy man called Sweet Micky.

In other words personality one is not responsible for the actions of personality two. Haitiens ap continue nan tiou boum toute autant ke nou pas chasser Americains, francais ak Canadien de Haiti et relacer yo par Chinois ak

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Angela Brown says...

He is already transparent because he show his derriere and anus to the millions of people already.The west Indians community called him devoided of self control a serious mental case and a time

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Soule says...

It is your right to criticize the president policy, but not to attack or threat him personally and his family like him or not he is your president and remember the people elected him.So get use to it otherwise we will investigate you and take it seriously.Vive Haiti, vive la

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Yves Gagne says...

Military Option...War is in the Mind of Adults...we have to fight it through the Mind of the Children.?

What do you expect to accomplish with Military Education...Please invest in TECHNOLOGY...the KIDS OF HAITI will save the future of the Country...Do not fatten the

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Josy says...

I believe President Michel Martelly will do the right thing, and trust him. He has his own money, and is not going to rob the country.

He will need to be very prudent, and careful.

He will find resistance, and it is going to take

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David Grant says...

To achieve transparency in any organization where financing is the issue, it is never easy. However, if certain mechanism is put in place, the task won't be as evasive as anticipated.

The senate should have the responsibility to ensure that an accounting system is put in place to monitor the spending of the funds and ensure strict adherence to accounting protocol.

A trustedteam of accountants should be employed to oversee the spending; at least, every quarter.

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