AUDIO: Michel Martelly Victory Speech as President-Elect of Haiti

Haiti President-Elect Michel Martelly made his victory speech ealier today and we have the AUDIO for you... Listen to it here...

For those of you who do not understand French, here is the English translation of Michel Martelly's speech...

My deep gratitude for supporting me, understood and respected., to the millions of young people, who spearheaded the campaign trail, I repeat my immense affection and brotherly to Mrs. Mirlande Hyppolite Manigat and those who recognized themselves in his project, I express my deepest respect, because beyond our differences, we live the same dream, the same reasoning leads us, Haiti. Haiti more beautiful, more just Haiti, Haiti regenerated.

I am the president of all Haitians without exclusions, together we will walk together "pour le drapeau pour la Patrie".

Together we "bêcherons joyeux" for a prosperous Haiti.

My fellow Haitians, the biggest winner remains: Haiti, democracy and civil liberties. We have a Haiti to rebuild, a democracy to strengthening.

You have chosen to break away from our old civil quarrels, our artificial divisions, the prevailing negativism. You wanted change, you voted for change, change in our political practices, our economic choices, and in our social organization.

The mission you gave me is clear. The mandate given, I want to tell you that the mission will be accomplished the mandate will be respected.

Politically free, I will leave the old demons of Haitian politics behind me and look to the future with all the political forces who wish wishing to put Haiti first and adhere to a rule of law.

I also want each and everyone of you to know that my presidency will be the guardian of the institutions but also and above all, I will ensure their proper operation so that they assume their responsibilities and allow for all my promises take shape, in terms of creating employment, access to education, health and justice for all.

May those who suffer in the flesh and in spirit, may those that the injustice of men or the vagaries of life have broken down and bruised, be courageous.

Things are about to change.

May the millions of young and old of the ten geographical departments whom I met and who have no hope of better tomorrow, may they look up to the rainbow promise of change I promise, you voted for change, change is due.

Than those in the Diaspora who want to return home but are afraid, may you rest assured that "lakay pral bon"

To the international community who united to support the electoral process and made sure that the Haitian people were respected, a solemn thank you. I hope we can work together towards the happiness of Haiti, my country, your partner and friend.

My fellow Haitians, a new era is coming, I am engaging myself, with the grace of God and support each and everyone of you, to write the most beautiful page of my life.

Long live Haiti!

Long live the rule of law!

Long live the Haitian people!

Thank you

Michel Martelly

Please NOTE: This was translated from French by Google Translate with some adjustments by - If you have a better translation please send it to us - Read the original French version here.

This being said... Tell me...

What is your opinion about Michel Martelly's speech?

Is this the kind of speech you were expecting?

Reply with your comments

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All Comments (26)

William Evens Josma says...

van espwa soufle sou Haiti, lespwa yon jou Haiti ap tounen jan l t eye a, mwen se timoun 79 min, mwen toujou tande manman m ak Papa m ap pale kijan Haiti te bel, mwen ta rinmin tounen lakay pou m al ede, pou m al fe pey m bel, pou m al travay pou m al ede pep mwen an, ala bel sa pwa l bel, le m ap desan n nan airport la ak konesans, epi m pwa l itilize l lakay, lakay se lakay, lakay se la kod lonbrit mwen antere mwen pap jan m ka blye lakay, Presidan Mately montre nou chemin an, si ou bouke mande pou nou ede w paske yon sel dwet pa manje

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Vanou says...

Mwen te vreman kontan le mwen li di par la gras de Die ak tout ayisyen na reknstri peyi. Vreman nou be beswen la gras de Die. Nap priye pou Bondye ba ou sages ak bon konprann kembe fem. Toujou cheche presens Bondye.

Ke Bondye avek

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Lens Altidor says...

Votre victoire, cher excellence est un sujet d'allegrese pour tous les haitiens, car elle fait souffler un vent d'espoir au coeur de tous ceux qui revent depuis des decennies un changemnt dans ce pays.
Oui, un changement a tous les niveaux :educatif, securitaire,laboral et meme culturel.

Le moment est enfin venu pour tous les fils du pays de jouir de la beaute de notre belle Haiti, de delecter paisiblement ses doux fruits, de pouvoir circuler tranquilement et a toute heure a travers les rues comme souvent nous racontent nos aines.

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Millien says...

je me sen fiere d'etre un haitien .bon preziden

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Desamours Diems says...

Bonsoir president, je suis ravi pour ce grande victoire, je vous souhaite du succes et bon travail aussi.

Cordialement !
Desamours Diems qui est toujours la avec vous,
Petit-Goave.e-mail :desamoursdiems at

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Foknoupale says...

Marc enpil nan nou tap pense ide saa min apre sal di nan dernye conferens lia nou pa kwe se bon chwaa sa. Voila ke li pat mentione nom Presiden'en nan diskou'a. En plus li di ke li pa kwe ke peyia pral rekonstri, saa se pawol moun ki sot ak pa byen nan tet se pa pawol intelektyel.

Li pat pale kankou moun ki gin ekilib mim mim.
Mwen mim avew ka di ke gin lot moun nan camp RDNPa ki ka jwe rol saa pi byen pasel, ou mem nan INITE kankou senate Zenny nan Jacmel (mkwesa).

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Napretounin Nanpeyinou says...

NapRetounin NanPeyiNou

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Herman Nen Brooklyn says...

Tell everyone to wear pink on May 14th
Our revolution is about love no violence nowhere please
If you are making love that remember bel ti gouyad sweet

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Marise says...

Duana, eskizem wi min miland desen pantalet li epi li pete sou pep nen speech sa. l;i semble lap tounin Bitter Mirland min nou pi rinmin Sweet Micky

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