Haiti President Preval Asks UN To Switch MINUSTAH To BUILD-U-STAH!

In Haiti, we need bulldozers and engineers, not tanks, and soldiers - At the United Nations yesterday, outgoing Haitian president said that there has been a military presence for 11 years in a country with no war [HAITI].

Outgoing President Rene Preval At The United Nations

MINUSTAH Should Be Transformed To BUILD-U-STAH...

"Tanks, armored vehicles and soldiers should have given way to bulldozers, engineers, more police instructors, experts in support to justice and to the penitentiary system," President Preval says

Haiti is not at war, Haiti is a country is under construction!

"Peacekeeping operations did not quickly enough adapt to the new situation," President Preval says

Haiti's problem is under-development, the president said according to AFP


11 year Huh??? Danm... It's been 11 years already?

President Preval spent five years as president, WHY is asking MINUSTAH to trade their big guns for big shovels now that he is leaving?

Why did he not ask that of them before?

Are we to expect a new BUILD-U-STAH in Haiti anytime soon?

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Izabelle says...

hwat He said is a good idea, all dese money dat we 've been giving away to the U N but before they do dat they need 2 renforced our police cuz if the got anough equipement they will be able on their own 2 face those dat they suppose 2 face u guys know what i mean it will be a great idea if the next president think about dat je veux dire le president elu i mean about renforcing our police buy enough equipement so they can assured the people safety and etablish a dats is djan'm but about telling now for Preval 2 tell people dat the U N should not be up 2 him the president who 's now and those who living in haitian can deside whether or not they wnat the UN 2 go.

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Bwawozo says...

Commenting on Preval's request is a waste of time. We ought to redirect this energy and take this momentum and grow away from the Preval era.THe time has come for Haitians to begin thinking big and begin to ask Hatians for Haiti's needs.

We need not to continue to look up to the UN or these countries who see us as a country of beggars, helpless and miserable.The time has come for us to want good schools for our teachers to learn to teach our children, water purification systems and power plants for electricity in our homes in the country side and for our factories; government import of heavy equipment and affordable loans to utilize these equipments and develop the agriculture;beautiful beaches and resort hotels for the diaspora to come and spend thus supporting the economy; a national health care to combat disease and make the "Gryo and banann peze" clean again on the sidewalk;
Enough with the Preval and his mentality of little poor country...

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Christopher says...

C pa premye fwa li di sa. Le'l tap prete serman li t di sa. C youn nan rezon fok yo ta arete'l pou'l di sak Fe li pat fe

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Sistabina says...



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Damebochie says...

Se premye fwa mwen tande Preval di yon bagay serye.

But se le kabrit fin pase lap rele femen barye.

Why now indeed?

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Tomy says...

He is right, But why NOW.

He mean he doesn't need them anymore to secure him, while he is stealing the people and conuntry money, because he doesn't need them to stop the protest against all his wrong doing,


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Barthelemy says...

what Mr. Preval is saying is the right thing,,, our new president and all other should be demanding the same thing, that kind of talk should resonate all around

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Rene Romil says...

que l'on veullent ou pas ce que m. preval a dit est vrai il faut qu'on l'accepte paske li te dil deja nan investiti li a fok nou menm ayisyen nou aprann apresye sa ki bon nul n'est parfait moun ki pa janm peche la voye premye kout woch la ayiti pou ayisyen ann sispann krazel ak lang

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Pablo says...

It's unbeliveable, preval's scotomas need to be mapped, he was to blind creating an oligarchy for himself in haiti he now realize

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William Mondesir says...

kounye a yo pa president yo bezwen kite traka pou President Martelly ou fe 5 ans ou ta supoze ale 7 fevrier ou magouy ou rete. si ou te ale kote ou tap jwenn parole.

kom ou pap president anko ou pap gen chay ou tou ap kraze no matter what pa gen moun ki konn sa ki nan tet ou li trop tard pou di anyen

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