Rev. Jeremiah Wright Wants ARISTIDE To Return To Haiti

Do you Remember Rev. Jeremiah Wright? Yes... Barack Obama's famous pastor? Well, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and more than 150 famous Black people and organizations are backing the call for President Aristide to return to Haiti.

Jean Bertrand Aristide

YEP... President Aristide's call to return to Haiti gained the support of a long list of people...

The list includes, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, (Mwen sezi wi!), Minister Louis Farrakhan, Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Oliver Stone and many more.

FULL PAGE ADD on the Miami Herald?

In a full-page ad that appeared Sunday, Jan. 23, 2011, in the Miami Herald, everyone mentioned above and many others made the following statement:

"We call on the Haitian government to immediately renew President Aristide's passport as he has requested, and to facilitate his return, without any conditions, to the country of his birth.

We call on the international authorities, particularly the United Nations and the United States government, to end their opposition to President Aristide's return.

Justice, humanity and respect for self-determination are at the heart of this issue.

All hands are needed in Haiti at this difficult moment."


Who or what do you think is preventing President Aristide from returning to Haiti besides the fact that the Haitan Government refuses to renew his expired diplomatic passport?

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Boniface Zebo Corresspt D says...

"banm nouvel poum ka connin...silteple sa pep la vle...mwen jwenn radio sa ayiti ai une democratie de plus 200-ans...wi merci...seul le peuple droit decidé du sont future ...boniface zebo correspt de

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Fanfan says...

well he's got more balls than you. he came back and he is still the most popular man in

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Bazil says...

The US is the only power that prevents him right now.
A good article here from Nicolas Rossier about why aristide should be allowed to return and why haitians should reconcile

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Frantz says...

Aristide is a coward, he will never come back. Do not fool

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Fanfan says...

Sa presence fera plus de bien que de malheur avec l'ouverture de son universite privee a Tabarre.

Il sera l'un des grands employeurs du secteur prive en Haiti.

Une universite peut creer beaucoup d'ouvrages en Haiti.

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Ablerooster says...

This is Able Rooster.

What was that saudi man?

It made ZERO sense! Before you lecture, perhaps you should

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L Union Fait La Force says...

mr fadel from saudi arabia u wrong u have more killers in ur country look at sept 11 2001 that was ur people who kill all those innocents people not haitians dont lt me keep going shu*** aristide its for haitians to

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Ablerooster says...

This is Able Rooster.

Hey, Saudi man, why don't you concentrate on the Middle East, and let Haiti alone?

If it wasn't for the Americans, your oil would be being sold by IRAQI brokers! Who are you to even comment to a Haitian?

Deal with Egypt, Yemen, Ethiopia, Somalia...etc! What are you talking about saudi

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Lloyd says...

Let me start by saying that i appreciate that you show your concern about haiti.

I call Haiti the Palestine of the western hemisphere.

You refer to Saudi Arabia as your country.

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Mm says...

O-K...Aristide wanted to revange..he got it..Now Duvalier is back in Haiti...

Aristide killed, Preval and others before did same mistakes...It is time to sit together and treat those killers and get back from them somme money...and let them work hardly to rebuilt the country...right?

In peace as closure

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