Haiti: To Eat Or NOT To Eat - Why a Tyrant Seems Like A Messiah

To Eat of Not to Eat, that is the question in Haiti - The current economic situation in Haiti makes it an easy prey for despotism (a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator).

The economic situation in Haiti is so bad that a DICATOR may seem like a MESSIAH.

In such a desperate situation, it is not surprising that people would choose to eat, no matter what the cost.

Political rectitude (an attribute that implies that a person's actions are justified) is a trifle in such a life.

Haiti is a place where one cannot easily stand on principle...

First the belly, then the mind...

First you eat, then you think...

These are not my words, this is just one paragraph in an article by Dyane Jean Francois. You shoule read it: Haiti's Next Leader: To Do List

But before you do, let me ask you this...

Have you notices that any little person with 10 cents in his pocket can go to Haiti and make the rules in his neck of the woods?

Why do you think it is so easy for DICTATORS, democraticly elected of NOT, ace always in existance?

When the Haitian people can feed themselves, DICTATORS, and all the BIG BOSSes will cease to exist.

What do you have to say about that?

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Urmiror says...

We all should be reminded that there are small minds out there trying their best to do some thinking, whereby some interesting idea can grow and surface.

Let us try our best, in any small way we can, to feed those minds like that of lisa's with some nutritious thoughts.

Keep thinking lisa, that will stop you from not knowing what to say that is of

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Lisa says...

It's time to grow a garden for the people of Haiti, so they can feed themselves and do away with

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Richelle says...

that is very good of what u say.I wich all of us would find a way to teach our haitian people what u just

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David Grant says...

To be in power, and to remain in power is always the aim of Haitian politicians.

These men are just politicians, and not state men. They do not care about the state, their primary concern is their selfish self interest; and that is to be in power for ever. Even though the constitution states that they are only allowed one term in power, and another term in the next six years to come, they never wanted to demit office, they have to be remove from office, and sent to exile.

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Patricia says...

That's the reason my friend I'm encourage all of you to vote for Mr Martelly, because he is the only one who always raise his concerned to the situation in Haiti whatsoever governement in charge listen the lyrics of his songs then you will know he is been doing it for

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Max Mills says...

I have nothing against the " La Bourjoisie " but they need also to participate in the reconstruction by sharing their opinions as well like everybody it seems they are not Haitians, they are not living in the island like everybody, they do not feel the pain, they are not mourning like the ordinary people.

Where is the Private sector?

I' m not talking about one particular but all.

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Able Rooster says...

That is why the Haitin Elite should be FORCED to relinquish their riches to help the effort to rebuild the country, Don't take teir power, or their ability to sustain their positions...just their money.

NO blood.

Toulimen, Why do you hate me?

Why do you say so many CRAZY things?

Haiti needs her capable elite, but she also needs their

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Max Mills says...

Time to time I said it here on this site that Haitian people need to set their mind on whom they are choosing for the next president .He needs to be a man of visions, a teacher and at the same time a firm ruler.

Dyane Jean-Francois has well put the comments together for us to understand where Haitians need to stand for our country and our lives.

What some people do not understand there are two types of young people of which we call " La Jeunesse ".The hungry belly ones and the belly full ones. So when a candidate says " la jeunesse kampe non fe yo ouais sa-ou vle" then tell me which " Jeunesse ", the elite or the poor mass from the inner cities that is why Dyane says they will do anything for money, but not the well educated young people...

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Well, regarding the situation we need to start brainstorming the problem.

Our differences most step aside at ounce and deal with the cause seriously to relief the most important things that block the process in Haiti.

As long we are waiting for help somewhere else, it's difficult to know what is going on.I believe we need to take the stand ourself toward progress and development for

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Ronald Altieri says...

I truly like the meat and potatoes of this topic, it sincerely quenches my thirst for a thought-provoking conversation.

I certainly appreciate the angle that Patricia is looking this plate of food for thought.

But i like to

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