Haiti Elections: Jude Celestin REFUSES To Confirm His Withdrawal From The Presidential Race

NEW TWIST from the Haiti Presidential Race - Candidate Jude Celestin has refused to confirm that he will not take part in the second round of the Haiti Presidential elections.

Jude Celestin Vs Mirlande Manigat Vs Michel Martelly?

Osner Fevry, Jude Celestin's Adviser told Reuters on Friday...

"Politically Mr Celestin is out of the race... Diplomatically there are a lot of pressures to put Mr Celestin out BUT... Legally Mr Celestin is still in the race"

Men li fout! Politik peyi-a chanje wi nan moman-an... LOL...

Epi... Sak pa kontan... Anbake... Come di Sweet Micky!

Celestin from the race by the INITE party earlier this week "Under sustained international pressure" the BBC reports.

There was a signed press release about his withdrawal but Radio Metropole in Haiti mentioned that JUDE Celestin himself DID NOT sign the press release


What does this all mean to you?

Do you think Jude Celestin will fight back?

Reply with your comments

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Solidarite Internationale says...

Menm jan denye fwa celestin te al bave nan ri st matin nan baz egare se te ak woch pep sa te fe celestin kouri se pou misye siveye se pa ak souflet ak kout pye pep la pranl minm jan ak defin gera jan jis.Si se sel fason pou jid konprann pep la bouke naje nan salte ak betiz kitel pran sa li merite depi bral pran nan moulin lap

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

They are related with dogs for sure, their first concern..money and power.

To be able to steal more and more while the people cannot eat.
I am sure those guys want another Earthquake, cause after the Earthquakes they become more rich.

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Ronald Altieri says...

Today, Osner

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Joseph12 says...

Mon cher haiti pa gen chans paske menm jude celestin neg sot te bezwen prezidan.

lambert, Kelly bastien neg lespri pliye yo anba lod preval pou aksepte ti jude comme son nom l'indique kom chef quelle comedie kounye a neg pa konn ran yo anko mesi bondye mwe pa yo

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Sergo Jean says...

I do not think, He will fight back. Paske senate Joseph Lambert ki te presante l kom candida a la prezidans, retire l kom candida paske yo kimbe yo nan frod e mwen pa cre Jude bezwen confirme sa paske Haiti se consa Preval avec group li yo dirije e mwen panse Jude we sa tro tard, paske senate Lamber se consa li fonctione e se mantalite li, se consa li revoke Alexis kom premie Minis, e menm candida pou prezidan;tout premie minis yo se consa yo fini e menm Preval poual fini consa devan Lambert.

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Patricia says...

Preval resi pran nan pelin! nap sib pou nou we sa li pwal fe

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Jean Baptiste Ronald says...

ti jud pitit juda ou bezwen vann

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Oxceva says...

Aaa, sa pap mode. A ki kouraj Jude pral kanpe pou'l refize?

Lap tann yon denye

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Ouawe says...

Yesterday, the CEP announced that the first round results will be published on February 2, and that the second round vot will take place on Mar 20.
We are to know who the New President of Haiti is on Apri 16.

Here is the schedule, copied from a link:

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Duplan says...

i this this mobster wants to put the whole country in worse.

he will never be a man for his country but a dog running after

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