Can Sweet Micky Win The Haiti Presidential Elections? A Haitian College Professor Comments

Now that Jude Celestin is out of the race, we are left with Michel 'Sweet Micky' Martelly and Mirlande Manigat for round 2 of the presidential elections but I have a question to ask you...

Michel Martelly After Haiti Election Day 2010

Can Sweet Micky win?

Can Michel Martelly become Haiti's Next President?

I certainly want to hear what you have to say about it but first...

Here is the opinion of Proffessor Robert Fatton, a Haitian-born College professor at the University of Virginia, to AFP:

"I would assume that the youth vote would go towards Martelly, in particular the unemployed people in the urban areas...

"... There are people around him [Michel 'Sweet Micky' Martelly] who used to be in the camp of Duvalier, but this is nothing new and in Haitian politics people change alliances very quickly..."

"... In the eyes of many people, he [Michel 'Sweet Micky' Martelly] represents change and people are eager to have any type of change..."

"... Whether he has the qualifications to be president, that's a completely different matter, that remains to be seen..."


What is your opinion about professor's comment?

Do you think Michel Martelly can win? Will win? Or was all this effort in vain?

Reply with your comments

PHOTO: Haiti Election Ballot - A voter votes for Martelly in the 2010 Presidential Elections   President Martelly Autobiography   Wyclef Jean, Michel Martelly and Charlito Baker at a Post-Election Manifestation in Haiti   Michel Martelly Kissing Mirlande Manigat   Michel Martelly - Anba Rad La - Album Cover   Sweet Micky Officially Candidate For President Of Haiti   President Martelly Meets Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide   Michel Martelly Antonio Sola Karibe Press Conference  

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Retsezi says...

No he can not but Michel Martelly can.

The Unofficial Election Result sFrom The 3/20/11 Vote
Stanley Lucas: Haiti

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Jim Egalite says...

Hi Chris, I quite enjoyed your analysis and believe you are right.

Yes, Martelly will win it. For him to be successful during the first mandate, I wrote a small piece and it is posted somewhere here. The note is regarding Haiti Renaissance and from my point of view, what are the basic foundation for the rebirth of country.

I would be interested in your comments.

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Hans says...

If Haitians elected, Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier, they elected Jean Bertrand Aristide, they're very well capable of electing "Sweet Micky" Michel Martelly.

Despite his past indecent behaviors, his negative rhetorics about Haiti and no known plans to create a structured reconstruction strategy, I believe Haitians may elect him. Then will turn around & talk about how unlucky or how cursed Haiti is. The fact is Michel Martelly has proven over and over to be unethical he is has not been able to successfully run his band he literally drained the Haitian Musicians by using their work & made it his own making huge profits without compensating them, he used his musicians paid them when he felt like it just to name a few. So if you fail to properly run a band of less than 5 how can you run a country without structure where the state needs to be reinvented..

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Ronald Altieri says...

Kankou'm toujou di'w m'kwe nou tou apecie keu ou sou ecran pou'w bay yon ti kout main nan sa nou tout ki bon bonne volonte ap essaye plante.

M'ta rinmin continue avek yon seul ti parole:

"Chak main nou guin 5 douet et chak pie nou guin 5 zortey, et nou woue ak deu zie epi nan poin yon batteri ki pa guin yon poin positif avek yon poin negatif.

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Heric says...

For mine eksperiance I think the people in Haiti will vote for a change they are tired with those who been in the governement so long and do nothing for the poor people who cannot eat once a day can even send their childreen to school so martelly will make the differance Pep Haitien pral vote martelly pou Prezident the next Haiti president will be Martelly may God bless you

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Christopher says...


Martelly will be the Next President of Haiti!

The professor did not extrapolate on qualifications, but I assume the professor thinks that he is qualified to be president by virtue of holding a a graduate degree.

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Sergo Jean says...

Mwen remesie ou pou repons ou, men map di ou yon bagay pou ka esye we cle. Haiti gen yon 2 pati politic ladan ki se pati Francois Duvalier et RDNP paske se li ki te vin pran pouvoi apre Jean claude te pati, tout lot yo rele groupman politic, apre 1986 nou genyen FNCD, ki divize e bawou OPL ki separe an 2 ki bay FANMI LAVALAS ki produi ESPOIR ki vin donnen INITE .sou gade andan yo wap we menm figu moun yo sof Aristide ki pala.Gen lot Neg yo ki al forme lot group ki bay tet yo nom Oposition map di ou tout wrong paske gen yon sel pati oposition an Haiti pati Francois Duvalier a paske tout nom ou we nan tet la te mete ansanm pou elimine pati sa pou 10 an san li pa gen doua nan anyen an Haiti, ki se yon blof paske yon pati ki fe 30 an o pouvoi zombifie tout mounn avec lide e panse.Poum di ou FANMI LAVALAS vin yon Pati politic counie ya, paske menm le Aristide deyo ou we li gen mounn ki rete soude avec li, sa vle di mounn sa yo ki ladan acepte IDE e PANSE lide ki nan tet la sa vle di gen VIZION avec REVE pou pati, malgre zac malonet yo comet nan peyi a sou inocent le yap fe represion pou lide yo ki wrong e mwen swete counie ya yo aprann de febles yo pou yo ka vin pifo.RDNP se yon Pati politic paske li pa janm divize e li rete soude avec IDE, VIZION epi REVE li san james separe.

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Pierre D Larochelle says...

Yes Sweet Micky can win the election, there are alot of people talking about
Martely passed, what about Arnold Schwarzenegger passed, played naked movies and took nude pictures during his body builder training, Twice became governor of California.Now le chouchou of the

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Marleine says...

Well if he have the determination to do so let it be...Of course lot of people may say he does not have any political background but all the other one that we had faith in deceives us over and over...

We'll see thats all I have to

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Patricia says...

That's all they can come up with, MR Martelly is immoral well bring something new that the people were not aware off.I need to see which one of the candidate that is more qualify than him, if it so he won't be the next president otherwise get use to it Mr Martelly will be the next best president ever.God bless

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