Let me start by saying that i appreciate that you show your...

Lloyd - January 31 2011, 4:39 PM

Let me start by saying that i appreciate that you show your concern about haiti.

I call Haiti the Palestine of the western hemisphere.

You refer to Saudi Arabia as your country.

Americans believe that the
saudis are 200000 first class citizens that have rights to the kingdom and everybody else are second class citizens.Shed some light
on that for me.I would appreciate if your government don't sent money
to the haitian government, i rather see they help haiti with education, technology by sending teachers, farmers.

laborers to teach to
haitians that working is the only way that any group of people would overcome poverty.When i was a teenager everyone that i knew, had a trade.They were, weldermem,electicians, pharmacists etc now...

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if you are so good for haitian to discuss, why is it...

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