I am not Corrupt, President Jovenel Moise says, may the Justice system do its job!

To the people of Haiti, President Jovenel Moise said: "I will look at you straight in the eye to tell you your president you voted for is not involved in corruption, he will never be involved in corruption."

Speaking at the graduation of the new police officers at the police academy at Route de Freres, president Jovenel Moise said: "The system I am trying to fight in Haiti has the ability to turn bullies into victims and victims into bullies"

"Instability, destabilization, dechoukaj and "voye ale" are the biggest weapons that this system utilizes to self-reproduce each and everytime someone begins to question the system," President Moise said, "This way the rich get richer in transition, privilleges and contraband. Those who are poor get poorer."

"I am the son of a peasant, son of those who are always the victims, those they often betray, I know how powerful this system is," he said.

"Because I said corruption is the biggest problem in Haiti, the system attacks the morality of the president to say he is involved in corruption..."

He encourages the justice system to "run your inquiries as you should without political persecution."

"If anyone things the company I was managing when I was a simple civilian, before I was even a candidate for president, if you think that company is involved in any wrongdoings, let the justice system do its job. The company still exists and all the documents are there."

"I will not allow anyone spread chaos and delosation in this country under any pretense," President Jovenel said.

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Subject: I am not Corrupt, President Jovenel Moise says, may the Justice system do its job! edit

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