Haitian Judge Investigating Government Corruption Is Dead

Port-au-Prince Haiti - Judge Jean-Serge Joseph, the judge who ordered that First Lady of Haiti, the Son of President Martelly, the Prime Minister and other government officials appear in court on corruption charges on July 2nd is dead.

haiti judge Jean-Serge Joseph

Judge Jean-Serge Joseph died Saturday evening at a hospital in Port-au-Prince following a stroke.

According to news reports, the judge was under a lot of pressure to drop the case the case against Haitian first lady Sophia Martelly and Olivier Martelly, son of president Martelly, on corruption charges.

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Lenord says...

did he died with stroke or someone killed

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Joseph Carlos says...

La justice sociale de l'Antiquité derrière le Moyen-âge des Riches en guerre contre la Justice légale générale des élites intellectuelles bourgeoises blanco-noiriste issues des ghettos paysans, trahies par l'amour de l'argent derrière la personnalité juridique.

Comme on dit: il n'y a pas de bonne théorie sans le résultat de la pratique efficace.

Comme on chante: « les Bandits ne seraient jamais légaux, mais tous les légistes ne sont que des bandits légaux ».

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Bwa San Fe says...

They should have the FBI investigating this case. They do it for

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Bwa San Fe says...

I think they should have an autopsy.

May be he was poisoned by some malfrats working for the Martelly-Lamothe government.

One never can tell with those

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Mm says...

Yo mangé-l...as usual...Mou-n pa dwé montré errè pèson-n...en

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Paul says...

Obviously, the suspects are going to rejoice, but Haiti lost a brave man, who was not afraid to stand for justice.

I wish we could have many more like him. May his soul rest in

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Rich says...


now can someone explain to me how he really died?

If your please! Cause I would like to know some of that too.
I will wait the

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