I never met the judge, President Martelly says...

Regarding media allegations that Haitian president Michel Martelly pressuring judge Jean Serge Joseph had something to do with his death, President Martelly says he never met the man.

"I've never met the judge," the president says, "and I do not think it is me who should prove that I was not at the meeting, but for them to prove that I was there. I was not at the meeting, I do not know where it was of if there even was one."

Judge Jean-Serge Joseph was the judge who ordered that First Lady Sophia Martelly, Olivier Martelly, the son of President Martelly, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and other government officials appear in court on corruption charges on July 2nd.

The judges died of a stroke but there has been rumors spreading in the Haitian media that his death was triggered by pressure put upon him by the president and the prime minister to drop the case.

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Jacques says...

we cannot say that like that, that has to be proven, there's a possibility that can happen because that is in the habit of politician people when they are disagree with you. but if that is, we can 't say yes either no, we got to wait light will do and then we can talk about that cause that can be a trap too by some opposing people, so we don't

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Kim says...

I agree with you Tony, Martelly did order his people to kill the

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Elipha Joseph says...

first of all i want to know what is your opinion on this one...i know don't like the president only the lord knows why?

but your articles are startin get on my nerves man.
many places in the world like the third wold countries...haiti in particular...where most of it's people are illiterates...so they'll believed almost everything you tell them because they does not has a brain on their own so they can not think for them selves...make a long story short..the rapper NATE DOGG died from a stroke and he was just 41 years old still young and happy...stroke is a well known illness in haiti...my mom had died from it...so i have no idea why people are saying those things...that's just desperation and stupidity for saying stuff like that against the

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Tony Brisson says...

Maybe Martelly had ordered TOTO NELSON to kill the

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