Haiti Transition - G8 Announces they WILL NOT Recognize New President to be Elected by Parliament

Haiti Transition 2016 update -- More trouble in paradise... The group of 8 (G8) candidate who were opposed to the elections in Haiti have announced they will NOT recognize the powers of the new provisional president due to take office Sunday... Sauveur Pierre Etienne declares this is a "Coup d'Etat Parlementaire!"

Candidat Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Steven Benoit, Jean-Henry Ceant
Candidat Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Steven Benoit, Jean-Henry Ceant

KREYOL: Haiti Transition - G8 di YO PAP rekonèt president ki pwal ACHETER pouvoir an nan men Parlement an... Kisa ou panse de sa???

Sauveur Pierre Etienne, member of the G8 says: "We will not recognize the president who is about to PURCHASE the election from Parliament because there are many rich people (gwo chabrak) who are about to handle their business..."

Professor Sauveur Pierre Etienne says this plot organized by some member of parliament who answer to foreign masters is an attempt to throw the country in more chaos.

What do you think about that?

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All Comments (4)

David Grant says...

I am not sure what Mr. Sauveur Pierre Etienne motives may be at not recognizing the President Provisoire; nor the manner in which he is selected, However, in my own view point, I think this is unfair to the people of Haiti.

To say that anyone capable of raising the amount of $500,00o.00 can be appointed as president provisoire of the country, is preposterous.

Let us suppose that an ex-con, a drug dealer or someone of shady character present himself or herself with such money, will he be accepted as president of Haiti for a period of 120 days. with full executive powers of a president.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Mwen sé Krétyen ! Mwen ka édé nou ak sa, men téléfòn mwen: 613 - 293 - 8772

Mwen la poum by opinyonm sou zafè kriz la, sé pa foli pouvwa kém genyen.

Mwen gen pwogram kém pwal mété sou pyé an Ayiti ké tout étudyan ki ka li, ékri kréyòl, fransè, anglè ak éspanyòl pap dépan de gouvernman Ayisyen pou bayo travay.

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Fabonord says...

This article says 8 candidate who opposed to the elections in Haiti.

This must be fixed it's important to not lies to your readers okay?

My name is Fabonord saint-vil tel. 9042071112 email

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Neglakay says...

Nou soti nan yon KEP pongongon men nou tombe sou yon Palman malpouwont.

Lari a gen travay sou do l. Si palman pye kase ki la a vle pran pouvwa a nan ti paskout, pep souvren pa gen chwa ke kontinye chofe beton an.

Ankenn palmante pa dwe nan koze prezidan pwovizwa.

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Subject: Haiti Transition - G8 Announces they WILL NOT Recognize New President to be Elected by Parliament edit

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