New Haiti President to be installed on Valentines Day, 14 Feb 2016

Haiti Transition 2016 update -- Haiti will definitely have a NEW President by Sunday, Valentines Day, 14 Feb 2016... Not a president chosen by the people but a provisional president that will be elected by Parliament for 120 days...

KREYOL: Confirmé... Haiti ap gen yon NOUVO President Dimanche St Valentin, 14 Fevrier 2016... Se Vendredi a MINUIT pèp la ap resi konnen LIST non moun ki kandida yo... Election an ap fèt Samedi nan Palman an... epi Dimanche, BOW!!! President!!! --- Kisa ou panse de sa???

Haiti = Comedy Central

3 days before this famous "2nd degree" presidential elections is due to take place, Haitians in Haiti and around the world don't even know the names of the potential candidates for the presidency, this list of names will be released at MIDNIGHT on Feb 12...

On Febuary 13, Parliament will elect the new president, on Valentines day, Febuary 14, the new president will be installed...

Epi That's IT... Haiti's has a new president...

What do you think about that?

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Cyn says...

A president temporarily???which means what??until when??as long is no lavalas or illiterated people i can dig it until when??temporary as and end date!!when is

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William Jean says...

Mesyè woh!!! Un peyi sa. Map tan gade Haïti na Copa America, c'est la peyi gen

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Neglakay says...

They are already in Hell, Etienne.

They are living in

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Fernand Etienne says...

Tell Mirlande Manigat and Desrats to go to

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Subject: New Haiti President to be installed on Valentines Day, 14 Feb 2016 edit

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