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PetroTransition - The Haitian Opposition is fighting to put another transitional government in place in Haiti

Some of the leaders and organizations who oppose president Jovenel Moise argue that the president is not fit to continue leading the country, a transitional is the best option.

FLASH: Haiti - Privert to Address the Nation Later Today, Wednesday

Breaking news... Haiti - President (or ex-president) Jocelerme Privert to address the Nation Later Today, Wednesday, one day after his 120-day term is expired...

Haiti Politics : Senate Vice-President Lareche Refuses to Admit his Signature in Privert Term-Ending Document

Haiti Politics : Senate Vice-President Lareche Refuses to Admit his Signature in Privert Term-Ending Document... A note Senator Lareche supposedly signed jointly with Depute Cholzer Chancy, hours later, he denied signing it... LOOK...

Haiti Parliament Letter to the Nation regarding President Privert's Fate, Read this...

Here is the letter released by the legislative corps, addressed to the Haitian nation regarding consultation they are having with the executive branch with regards to the end date of president Jocelerme Privert's mandate.

SCOOP: Haiti - NO apparent sign there will be a National Assembly to decide President Privert's Fate

News FLASH from the Haitian Parliament -- There is supposed to be a national assembly today, Tuesday June 14, to decide whether President Jocelerme Privert will remain in power or not... So far, it's 2:54pm and there is no sign of that happening...

Haitian Lawmakers to decide President Privert's fate Tuesday

In his speech at the national assembly Monday, chamber of depute president Cholzer Chancy convokes parliament in assembly on Tuesday to decide the future of Interim President Jocelerme Privert whose mandate will expire on that day...

Haiti - Privert has 24 Hours left as President, Tension Rising, will he Stay or will he GO

Haiti is in a state of panic once again... Interim president Jocelerme Privert had 120 days to hold elections and elect another president of Haiti... His 120 days will be up in 24 hours, Tuesday, 14 June and there is still NO president elected to replace him... Now what???

Haiti - Various political parties met with Privert to discuss a potential new political accord so he can continue his presidency

What is the future of interim President Jocelerme Privert after 14 May when his term legally expires? Various political parties met with the president to discuss a potential new political accord so he can continue run the country after June 14...

Haiti - The new elections will cost 55 million US dollars

Read this... Haiti needs 55 million US dollars to organize the new elections..The Haitian government already have 30 million available, a spokesperson from the National Palace said, but the International community has turned its back... So where will the rest of the money come from?

Haiti Politics - Evans Paul political party KID against Privert staying in Power

Haiti Transition Update -- ''President Privert MUST do as Michel Martelly did on February 7, He must leave,' Says Enold Joseph, general secretary of former Prime Minister Evans Paul's political party Konvasyon Inite Demokratik (KID)