Haiti Politics - Hollywood Actor Danny Glover Endorses Maryse Narcisse for President

Lavalas candidate for president Maryse Narcisse has a new supporter... Hollywood actor Danny Glover openly endorses Maryse Narcise for president...
PHOTO: Danny Glover and Maryse Narcisse

Danny Glover is a long time supporter of president Jean Bertrand Aristide.

During a recent fundraiser held for candidate Maryse Narcisse in midtown Manhattan, the Hollywood actor sided with the Lavalas candidate for president.

"As a Haitian in heart," Danny Glover says, "I am in full support of her..."

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Paul Bance Congratulations, Danny Clover. Haiti is alone speaking Creole. Haiti must speak English, French, Spanish, to communicate with the world. Open Haiti to the world. Haitian people... see more
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Paul Bance Congratulations, Maryse Narcisse. Haitian people, get out to vote for Narcisse as the next President of Haiti. Haiti is going forward with Maryse Narcisse. Maryse Narcisse will... see more
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