It is election season. Haiti needs hotels, buses on the roads...

Paul Bance - September 21 2016, 10:15 PM

It is election season.

Haiti needs hotels, buses on the roads, restaurants, laundromats in every town and rural sections for the people to get out and vote for a president who will work for the Haitian people.

Haitian people, plant more avocados, bananas, corn, mangos, all types of fruits and vegetahles to develop Agriculture, hospitality and tourism in every town in Haiti in every department.

Haiti needs an airport in the South of Haiti for the retired people to retire in Haiti and to spend the winter.

Haiti needs assisted living residence for tourism to come to spend their vacation under the sun. Haiti needs motor boats on the seas for the Haitian people to travel faster and more often.

Haiti needs a car dealer, money transfer in every town, a bank, an insurance company in every department.

Welcome to Haiti to create jobs, to modernize Haiti to develop technology, education, healthcare in Haiti.

Haiti should go faster.

Haiti is too slow in the laundry, in travel.

Welcome to Haiti to develop Haiti anytime Let us go places.

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