Haiti - Jean Claude Duvalier Funeral - How, when, where will Duvalier be buried?

There is a very big question being raised in Haiti regarding the funeral arrangements for Jean Claude Duvalier... Many wonder how, when, but also where will former Haitian Dictator Jean Claude Duvalier be buried? Recall that on the day of the fall of the Duvalier regime in 1986, the tomb of "Papa Doc" Francois Duvalier, was vandalized, completely demolished by a mob of anti-duvalierists, at the cemetery of Port-au-Pince...

Haiti - Jean Claude Duvalier nan Funérailles papa li, President Francois Duvalier

What do you think will happen to remains of Jean Claude Duvalier if everyone knows where is he buried.

Can, of better yet, will the remains of the former dictator Jean Claude Duvalier rest in peace in Haiti?

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Jay says...

Only one thing I can tell you everybody make mistakes.

the former President Jan Claude does a lot of bad thing in Haiti when he was in power .who know if he has been repent and give is life completely to God. remenber Jesus say love your enemy when someone do bad thing to you kill them with love and kindness.

He should be buried in Ayiti and he will because he his Haitian with all respect for you. please let God be the judge because he know who's good or bad .looked at what is happening in Africa with Ebola.

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Pierre says...

Jean Claude Duvalier is a former President, he should be burried with the honor reserved for all former chief of states, and his place of burial should be protected and respected.

If during his time in power he committed or ordered to commit atrocities, his judgement day will come. My fellow citizens please show some class.

I'M a former police officer, and an Aristide

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Jolie says...

I think whatever he' did in the past is done there's nothing we can do about it he was young and i am 100% sure there were others behind what happened when he was président in Haïti the country was a lot better let's give him some

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Patrick Princivil says...

Ahhhhhhh papa!

Ti nèg pat kon-n pan mwen!

Sé pou tout Prézidan yo purifié ak tout fan-mi yo au nom de Jésus.

Sé pou tout lapolis, Munistah, L'armé jwen gras devan Bondyé nan syèl la pou tout tan e l'eternité.

Sé pou Haïti, Canada, la France, États-Unis etc. transfòmé an légliz.

Sé pou tout simityè yo transfòmé an légliz au nom de Jésus.

Viv Jean Claude Duvalier ak tout fanmi yo pou al chita sou men-m table ak Bondyé nan syèl la an

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Patrick Princivil says...

I understand what you say, I am honest with you, I never voted for any candidate in my life; I see
a big danger in front of Canada, but I don't see any better leader than Stephen Harper for now.

My friend!

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Putin says...

We all know the Duvalier government was not good at all. But he is dead what profit those who are talking to give his body wild dogs to devour?

this is really stupid people are thinking that way. what revenge are you seeking with a dead body?

why don't you think about your

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Go says...

Former president have the right a state funeral in Haiti,.Stop lingering respect the dead. It is over show me now what you can do for

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Hugues says...

Ship the body to France or Martinique where the family name comes from.

Or incinerate the body than mix the ashes with the stinking putrid mud of Croix-des-Bossales.

It's a better fate than his victims had at Fort-Dimanche, Casernes Dessalines, Lamentin, Gressier, TiTanyen.

See fordi9.com for

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love, he should not be buried in Ayiti and his remains should be fed to the wild dogs and sent to hell where his parents, friends and relatives are. And all of you who support his evil ass should go with him. Blessed

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Maggysweets says...

I think he should be buried in

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