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Nicolas Duvalier to Opposition: "I will never agree for an elected president to leave office just like that"

Jean-Claude Duvalier, President Jovenel Moise, Nicolas Duvalier Nicolas Francois Duvalier made it very clear to the opposition in Haiti that he does not want President Jovenel Moise to be forced out of office just like that. more »

The Haitian media is buzzing about Nicolas Duvalier as the next President of Haiti

Nicolas Duvalier at the funeral of his father, ex Haiti president Jean-Claude Duvalier Could ex-dictator Jean Claude Duvalier's son, Nicolas Duvalier become the next president of Haiti? Suddenly, the media is talking abouNicolas Duvalier following an interview he gave to Voice of America (Lavwadlamerik) in Washington D.C. but what are the possibilities? more »

VIDEO: Nicolas Duvalier for President? To serve my country that interests me, he said

Nicolas Duvalier, Son of ex President Jean-Claude 'Babydoc' Duvalier Watch this video... Nicolas Duvalier says he is very interested in serving his country. Will he be a candidate for president in the next Haiti elections? Watch and learn... more »

Haiti - Jean Claude Duvalier Funeral - How, when, where will Duvalier be buried?

Haiti - Jean Claude Duvalier nan Funérailles papa li, President Francois Duvalier There is a very big question being raised in Haiti regarding the funeral arrangements for Jean Claude Duvalier... Many wonder how, when, but also where will former Haitian Dictator Jean Claude Duvalier be buried? Recall that on the day of the fall of the Duvalier regime in 1986, the tomb of "Papa Doc" Francois Duvalier, was vandalized, completely demolished by a mob of anti-duvalierists, at the cemetery of Port-au-Pince... more »

Haiti - Les avoirs de Duvalier bientot restitues

Jean-Claude Duvalier drinking Champagne 6 millions de francs seront restitués à Haïti. L'ancien président haïtien Jean-Claude Duvalier, mort ce samedi, était soupçonné d'avoir détourné ces fonds après sa chute du pouvoir en 1986. more »

Haitien toujou ap pale tenten, O wi , Duvalier mouri...

Jean Claude Duvalier President Of Haiti Se pa tout moun ki kwè ke ancien diktatè Jean Claude Duvalier mouri tout bon vre... Ayè dimanch la nan lakou Sen Doming, mwen tande 2 Haitien k-ap travay sou yon chantier, yon di lot la: "Haitien toujou ap pale tenten, o wi , Duvalier mouri, ki kote yo jwen koze saa?" Pou li menm se manti, Duvalier pa mouri vre... more »

President Martelly attriste par le deces de l'ancien President Jean-Claude Duvalier

President Martelly Meets Former President Jean Claude Duvalier Note de Presse du President Michel Martelly a propos de la mort de Jean Claude Duvalier - Port-au-Prince, samedi 4 Octobre 2014 more »

Jean Claude Duvalier, Former Haiti President For Life, Dies at 63...

Jean Claude Duvalier Former Haitian dictator Jean Claude "BabyDoc" Duvalier is DEAD... he died of heart attack at home in Port-au-Prince Saturday, October 4, 2014, his lawyer Reynold Georges says... Duvalier died at the age 63... more »