Will former Haiti President Jean Claude Duvalier receive a State Funeral (funérailles nationales)???

Since the death of former Haitian dictator Jean Claude 'BabyDoc' Duvalier Saturday, many people have been wondering whether or not Duvalier will receive a State funeral or funérailles nationales as they say in French... Guess what? Reynold Georges, a lawyer for Jean-Claude Duvalier, told Radio France Internationale (RFI) by telephone that "It is concluded," a state funeral was being held with the government...

Jean Claude Duvalier giving his last respect to ex-President Lesly Manigat
Jean Claude Duvalier giving his last respect to ex-President Lesly Manigat

RFI also reported that Haitian authorities, for the time being, has not confirm this information. Therefore it is not yet official whether or not Jean Claude Duvalier will receive a funérailles nationales...

It is custom for former heads of state to received state funerals; however, given the dictatorial nature of his regime, the case of Jean-Claude Duvalier is obviously tricky, RFI says. The idea that such a tribute be paid may shock victims of Duvalier and defenders of human rights.

What do you think about that? Should Duvalier get a State Funeral or NOT???

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Claude Baudin says...

Yes he was the President, for that only he have the right of State Funeral.

Regardless of what he did as a

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Joe Blow says...

There is a big difference I think between a dictator and a President as classified under democratic rules.

These people were nothing more then hired assassins for hire by a white/International/racist referendum since independence.

As a predominantly American employee/puppet they should give him a house Niger/ Uncle Tom burial and award for serving them so

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Joseph says...

President Martelly must understand that he is playing a dangerous game, because the Duvalier regime has virtually destroyed Haiti, and many Haitians lost their lives during the 29 years this Criminal regime running the country, enough is enough, no state funeral for this dictator, in reality he should die in

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Makout 57 says...

Why not as a, former head of state he deserve a state funeral like orther head of states (Lesly

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Guerda Julien says...

Yes, Former President Jean Claude Duvalier should have a National

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Mag says...

From my opinion since he was a president whether we like it or not, his not an actor I believe he should have a State

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love. Under what human rights law does a dikkktator get a state funeral dumb ass motherfucker?

You ignorance jack asses should all get shot so you can go to hell with your master.


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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love. You make no sense.

Go learn to write English.

They have lots of free courses for immigrants like you wherever you are. I hope that you become learned enough to stop spreading ignorance.


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Jonas says...

Moi je me retire de tout et je veux tout oublier e se sak ka retire nous nan sa. Je suis pas pro Duvalier mais si nous voulons que notre Haïti change il faut que nous changions de mentalité.

Qu'il reçoive ce qu'il doive recevoir.

Mais moi étant ancien chef m tap ba-l funérailles national sa. L'union fait la

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Ninon says...

YES he should, I don't see anyone better after him the man is dead move on. Please let's don't talk about human rights ok, STOP THE

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