Only one thing I can tell you everybody make mistakes. the...

Jay - October 10 2014, 7:08 PM

Only one thing I can tell you everybody make mistakes.

the former President Jan Claude does a lot of bad thing in Haiti when he was in power .who know if he has been repent and give is life completely to God. remenber Jesus say love your enemy when someone do bad thing to you kill them with love and kindness.

He should be buried in Ayiti and he will because he his Haitian with all respect for you. please let God be the judge because he know who's good or bad .looked at what is happening in Africa with Ebola.

take a moment to think about this comment you are posted and ask the Lord to forgive you and you have to remember the meaning of your name is Yave love may god bless you, and Happy tanks giving sister.

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Jah love, he should not be buried in Ayiti and his...

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