FLASH: Haiti - Presidential candidates Sauveur, Steven, Henry Ceant Cry MASSIVE PHTK FRAUD

Breaking news... Radio SCOOP FM is overheated today, Tuesday, Steven Benoit, Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Jean-Henry Ceant, all candidates for president are speaking of this GIANT PLOT carefully plotted by PHTK to make sure Jovenel Moise wins...

Candidat Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Steven Benoit, Jean-Henry Ceant
Candidat Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Steven Benoit, Jean-Henry Ceant

KREYOL: Mezanmi.. Jounen Mardi apre elections yo, Steven Benoit, Sauveur Pierre Etienne ak Jean-Henry Ceant lage yon BOMB sou Radio Scoop FM... Yo pale de yon pale de gwo plan Martelly ak pouvwa an plas la mete sou pie pou asire ke Jovenel Moise genyen election an. Se pati plan raz non! bagay MISSION IMPOSSIBLE net! Dapre neg yo, KEP mete ansanm ak pouvwa a, kokoday ak manm biwo vot (BV) yo ak yon latriye ANBULANCE ki te sèvi kom Transporteurs de Bulletin deja kwaze ak vot Jovenel Moise ki tap rantre nan biwo vot epi fe echange bilten sa yo ak vre bilten vot pep la... Dapre mesye sa yo operation saa te fet an tazè a katrè jounen election an... Eske ou te we sa bò lakay ou??? Kisa ou panse de sa???

According to these men, the government came with a clever plan that includes the CEP, a secret print shop, ambulances as fake ballot transporters, the Haitian national police force, and the majority of voting bureau personnel across the country to conduct a timely operation right before the closing time of the elections that involved mass switching of ballots in favor of PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise so he could win on the first round.

What do you think about that?

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All Comments (7)

Cheria says...

hahahaha...tout se

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Point Du Jour says...

Majoriter pep la mander pou Senateur Benoit elu kom president nan election 25 Octobre la. Senateur Benoit se president ki pral travail pou payi d'Haiti soti nan mizere, nan chomage.

Meter Senateur Benoit pou payi ka advancer.

Vive Senateur Benoit president d'Haiti.

Toute candida ki pa perdi election 25 Octobre la, grouper ansam pou elu Senateur Benoit kom president

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Frantz says...

In haiti nothing is impossible, if somebody dont know that you either ignorant, never lived in haiti or you are not true hairian, I WILL ALWAYS SAY THINK GOD FOR OUR ANCESTERS otherwise with thse generations now we would still be slave they put ip with

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Reginald Pierre Louis says...

I think this is the right decision and most sencée in my view to exclude Jovnel Moise because of massive fraud, falsification of records procces and control of power that the government candidate had few votes centers throughout the country, the spacing of the latter is not bad at

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Paul Bance says...

Senateur Benoit te guin yin debate North Miami yan. Mete ansanm ak Senateur Benoit pou li guin yin election 25 Octob la. Nou rele victoi pou Senateur Benoit monter au Palais nan 2016 pou developer payi d'Haiti.

Senateur Benoit se president rich kom pov, noi kom blan, brun kom mulate.

Meter ou president pou toute moune en

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Cheria says...

ayitien pa janm dakor pou yo perdi...Se Selman nan moman sa yo wap wer yo te mete tet yo ansam-moman fait komplo!!

Pou jan tout bagay te byen passé, kounyea yo tout ap kriye "fraud".

Jude Celestin met kriye paske li pepet 2ieme, min lot moun yo pat meme anregistre nan biltain pep la. Al chita yon kote....

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Jean Demezier says...

I think they are liars who cannot fight like men, so they are making things

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Subject: FLASH: Haiti - Presidential candidates Sauveur, Steven, Henry Ceant Cry MASSIVE PHTK FRAUD edit

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