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The same Steven Benoit who was raging for president Jovenel Moise to step down is now crying about Ariel Henry handing the country over to bandits

A political alliance between Andre Michel and Steven Benoit, established since August 2015 Former Haiti Senator Steven Benoit recently took to Twitter to voice his concerns about Prime Minister Ariel Henry and his Chief of Police Frantz Elbe being so evil that they are handing over more territory to the bandits. more »

AUDIO: Steven Benoit: I told President Preval NOT to buy CNE equipments with PetroCaribe money!

Kote Kob PetroCaribe a? Steven Benoit, Rene Preval, Jude Celestin Listen to this AUDIO... Former Haitian Senator Steven Benoit told journalist Valery Numa he warned ex president Rene Preval NOT to purchase new equipment for the Centre National des Equipements (CNE) with 197 Million dollars of PetroCaribe money until an investigation was made to find out what happened to the previous equipments. more »

Haiti Senator Steven Benoit announced he will NOT run for re-election

Haitian West department Senator Steven Benoit announced he will NOT run for re-election as Senator of the Republic. Steven Benoit wants to take a step back from politics for a while... more »

Haiti Politics : Which G-8 Candidate WILL or WILL NOT participate in the Presidential Elections? Answer here...

Haiti G8 - Juin 2016 The G-8 has been dissolved, wouldn't you like to know which candidates within the g-8 will be a candidate for president in the election do-over? Here is what we know so far... more »

PHOTO: Haiti Politik - G8 oswa G7, Konbyen "G" ou we la a?

Haiti G8 - Fin Mai 2016 Gade photo saa... Haiti Politique - Men dènye photo Groupe des 8 (G-8) candidat a la presidence yo mete deyo fin moi Mai 2016 la, apre Mathias Pierre (Pitit Desalin) te anonse sou kont twitter li ke G8 la KRAZE... G8 oswa G7, Konbyen "G" ou wè la a? more »

Haiti Elections - Steven Benoit says: Evans Paul will Stay in Power after 07 Fevrier and Wait for the Next President But Martelly has to Leave

Haiti Elections 2015 - Steven Benoit - Candidate for President Haiti Elections Update - In an interview to radio Magic 9 Wednesday, Candidate for president and G8 member Steven Benoit said Evans Paul will have to remain as prime minister for one month past 07 February and wait for the swearing in of the next president because Martelly has to leave office on that day... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Tet Steven Benoit KASE, Li PRAN yon BAL nan Tet nan Manifestation 18 Novembre 2015 la...

Haiti Elections 2015 - Steven Benoit - Candidate for President Denye Nouvel... Haiti - Tèt Senateur Steven Benoit kase apre li te pran yon BAL kawotchou nan tèt nan manifestation 18 Novembre 2015 la... Senatè a kouri ale pran refuge andedan Radio Signal FM, Jounalis Tamara Orion mande centre ambulencier National kouri rive nan radio a pou pote li sekou... more »

Haiti Elections - CEP to meet Protesting Presidential Candidates Monday

Pierre Louis Opont - CEP President Haiti Elections Update -- CEP President Pierre Louis Opont sent a letter to the group of protesting candidates for president to invite them to a meeting Monday, 15 November... In the same letter, the CEP reminded these candidates that electoral disputes procedures are well defined in the Electoral decree law... more »

Haiti Post Election - WILLOT Joseph Reponds to 3 Candidate-Haters of Jovenel Moise

Willot Joseph - Senateur Centre PHTK Haiti post-Election Update -- Willot Joseph, the PHTK candidate for Senator (centre), came to the rescue of his party candidate for president, Jovenel Moise, Tuesday, after 3 other candidates; came out making all kinds of accusations that a 'MAGOUY Electoral' was made Jovenel's behalf... Compared to these candidates asking the population to rise up and protest against Jovenel, Willot Joseph asked everyone to relax, Do not listen to sore loosers encouraging you to misbehave... more »

Haiti Elections - Steven Benoit : KONVIKSYON Stole my 1.8 million Govt Campain Money

Haiti Elections 2015 - Steven Benoit - Candidate for President Haitian candidate for president Steven Benoit came out complaining that his political platform KONVIKSYON stole the 1.8 million gourdes campaign fund the government released for his presidential campaign... The Senator Candidate does want to he held accountable for the money... more »