FLASH: Haiti PM Evans Paul says Martelly Determined to Leave 07 Fevrier

Haiti Politics Update -- Prime Minister Evans Paul says President Martelly is dertermined to leave office on 07 Fevrier 2016... It is clear, Evans Paul says, that there wont be any elections before president Michel Martelly leaves office; It is likely that an interim government will take over to continue with the election process...

Haiti President Martelly and Prime Minister Evans Paul

KREYOL: Haiti - Evans Paul di se TOUT BON President Martelly vle kite pouvwa a le 07 Fevrier 2016... Se pa tout moun ki dakò pou misye ale men se sa Martelly vle... Kisa ou panse de sa???

In an interview Prime Minister Paul gave to Venezuelan TV station Telesur, he said Martelly wanted had this dream to hop on a "CHAR", a carnival float on the day he leaves office...

Paul says there are some people who are FOR Martelly leaving office, there are some who are against it but Martelly is determined to leave.

What do you think about that?

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Jean Pierre says...

M dako avek Martelly 100/100. M panse se dwal pou l kite ofis le set Fevriye paske l pa gen oken rapo avek okenn deblozay nan peyi a aktyelman la...

Pep la avek tout mafya ki an dezod yo dwe jere problem yo avek pati ki responsab sa. Pwen

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Cheria says...

and Evans Paul is determined to secure power for

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Mangod Haiti says...

Haïti should be the model for independent Black countries, this includes relationships with the global community.

Tell the truth to your people about your deals with other countries and stop selling your people out. Stop taking loans and cut spending.

And for God sake make laws that can assist you in trusting

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Subject: FLASH: Haiti PM Evans Paul says Martelly Determined to Leave 07 Fevrier edit

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