Haiti - Moise Jean Charles MANIFESTATION against President Jovenel Moise 12 Sept 2017

Moise Jean Charles - Manifestation anti Jovenel Moise
Ex Haiti Senator Moise Jean Charles announces a MANIFESTATION against President Jovenel Moise 12 Sept 2017. Moise Jean Charles says he wants to blow the whistle on a series of decisions the Jovenel is taking against the Haitian population.

Moise Jean Charles is against the decision of the Jovenel Moise administration to impose a tax on the Haitians in the diaspora, he says in an interview to Radio Kiskeya.

Just like President Martelly, Moise Jean Charles says President Jovenel Moise is making promises he cannot keep.

"We are going to take to the streets on 12 Sept," Senator Moise says, "Pitit Dessalines, various organizations and sectors will take to rise up because we cannot leave this free way for parliament. We just cannot do that..."

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Paul Francois aristid lavalas ak moise jean Charles pitit desalin te manke touye pep la ase ak kolera, konnyea yap fe dezod anko pou lot solda etranje retoune... see more
Reply · September 12 at 9:07 PM
Aidmlvri Kilè nou te renmen lekòl konsa? manifestation tèt dwat nan bouda jovenel
Reply · September 03 at 5:37 PM
David Lontan, Desalin te di viv lib ou mouri. kounya bagay yo vire, se Viv byen ou mouri, jiskobou
Reply · September 03 at 5:35 PM
Rony Moise Jean Charles ap kontinye mete program politik li an aksyon. Se sa selman li fe depi 30 lane lavalas la, se lap kontinye fe, paske se sa l konn... see more
Reply · September 01 at 10:50 AM
Andy Dorsainvil Each time when someone protested against someone else. we manipulating the country, why Moise Jean Charles have to do that for. What will other... see more
Reply · August 31 at 1:43 PM
Florence Bon poukisa yo pat janm fe manifestation pandan vacance la? poukisa se pandan lekol ouver yo fe manifestation pandan se tan tout pitit yo nan peyi... see more
Reply · August 31 at 10:49 AM
Irmone Suspen mete dezod Nan payi a avek demonstration.
Reply · August 31 at 9:34 AM
Irmone Moise Jean Charles suspann sal la ri PAP avek manifestation se dezod w ap mete nan peyi a.
Reply · August 31 at 9:31 AM
Bwa Sanfey Moise Jn-Charles is right. Let's get the apprentice president out the National Palace.
Reply · August 30 at 10:01 AM
Haiti Nouvelles Ansyen Senatè Moise Jean Charles anonse yon manifestasyon kont Prezidan Jovenel Moise jounen 12 Septembre 2017 la. M oise Jean Charles di... see more
Reply · August 30 at 8:09 AM

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Subject: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles MANIFESTATION against President Jovenel Moise 12 Sept 2017 edit

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