Haiti Government vs Opposition: The only thing we do is war, war...

Andy Dorsainvil - August 31 2017, 1:43 PM

Each time when someone protested against someone else. we manipulating the country, why Moise Jean Charles have to do that for. What will other countries will take us for?

Other people will look at us like we are the barbarians: They never fix nothing in their country.

only thing we do is war, war.

Like i said it's times to reform a good commitment and work out the country.

Fix the laws, and rebuild what supposed to be done right inside the country.

reforms the school system for all children and adults, create jobs for them to work.

This is why, right now, all the Haitians are leaving the country.

There is no jobs, nothing, and no security, no stability.

Stop destroing the country.

Give other people with good heart inside the country a chance to provide things and to move Haiti forward.

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