Haiti - Duvalierist FRANK ROMAIN is Dead

Frank Romain, former Duvalierist Mayor of Port-au-Prince Haiti has died Tuesday, 29 Aug 2017. Frank Romain was a very feared man associated with the Tonton Macoutes of the Duvalier Regime.

PHOTO: Haiti - Frank Romain (Duvalierist)
PHOTO: Haiti - Frank Romain (Duvalierist)

Frank Romain held many different positions of power during the Duvalier regime in Haiti.

Frank Romain was mayor of the city of Port-au-Prince, he was Chief of the Haitian National Police.

Frank Romain was also an army Colonel of the Forces Armee d'Haiti (FADH)

Of course, Frank Romain was a big Tonton Macoute trained at the U.S. School of the Americas.

Frank Romain died of heart failure in his residence in Belleville. He was 81 years old.

Many people in Haiti are not sorry that this man has died.

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Kamokin A Vie says...

Chimé, Rot in

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Yanick says...

During his era, things were better the country was safer and in order.

President Duvalier was good for the country.

Strong black man that demands

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Sonicmixmusic4eva says...

Frank Romain té con

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Renoit Achille says...

I am sorry for the lost of this great man Frank Romain.

I was witnessing the great job He has done when He was the mayor citi of Port au prince.

Yo te toujou rele nou pelle des

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Colonel Frank Romain, ansyen Majistra Pòtoprens, gro Duvalierist deval letènèl, li mouri jounen 29 Aout 2017 la.

Frank Romain te yon nonm moun te pè anpil ki asosye ak Tonton Macoutes sou rejim Divalye

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