FLASH: Haiti Elections - Senate wants CEP to STOP, Do NOT Publish Elections Results Until...

Breaking News - Haiti Senate has asked the Electoral Council (CEP) to hold off on the publication of legislative elections results that are due to he released later today, Thursday... Wait... There's more!!!

Pierre Louis Opont - CEP President

KREYOL: Haiti - Senat Repiblik la mande KEP a Kanpe SEK... Pinga pibliye okenn resulta Election ni jodia, ni demen, ni apre demen... Sena a di KEP a Kanpe processus electoral la epi mete yon commission verification prese prese pou limyè fèt sou briganday FRAUD kap pale yo... Kisa ou panse de sa???

The Senate of the republic wants the CEP to pull the breaks, STOP with the electoral process until a commission of verification is put in place to shed some light on the cased of fraud that supposedly took place during the 25 October elections...

What do you think about that???

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Jean Lozier says...

This a shame forthis country.

Haitian people is bad martelly and opon arrest them in put them in jail for life. That's

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Manu says...

sa se pa 10 senateur yo, se esteven benoit KI VOYE LET SA BAY cep

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Patrick Princivil says...

Gòg ! Magòg ! Yo Mélé !

Antouka kité Moise Jovenel fin Prézidan le 7 Février avan nal pi lwen ak sa, sak pi fè mal la yo pat janm pwodui anyen nan péyi épi a épi yap fè vyé magouy pou yal kontinyé sousé kès léta.

PHTK ! KEP ! CEP ! Lapolis !

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Hot says...

How no one can give the results for the new deputy for Port Salut, Haiti after the court found out that one of the persons running for that area had commit fraud with the election.

Why was he not been arrested.

What is going in Haiti.

I would like some

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Subject: FLASH: Haiti Elections - Senate wants CEP to STOP, Do NOT Publish Elections Results Until... edit

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