FLASH: Haiti Elections - CEP Yolette Mengual paid $15,000 US to Swing Election Results

Haiti Election Update --- Major Corruption SCANDAL inside the CEP... Candidate for Depute Gerald Jean came out on Haitian radio and admitted to paying CEP Member Yolette Mengual $15,000 US to decide on his favor... Wait there's more!!!

Yolette Mengual

KRYEOL: Haiti CEP - Yolette Mengual pran 15 Mil dola US nam men Depute Gerald Jean pou ede l genyen elections an... epi li pran 30 mil dola US nan men advèsè a, li koule Gerald Jean, epi li kenbe kob la... Gro SKANDAL nan KEP a pitit... Se Gerald Jean menm ki pete pawòl la deyò... Kisa ou panse de sa???

To make matters worse the poor candidate said he paid Yolette Mengual the money, $15,000 US Cash, to decide in his favor... She took the money and decided against him because the other candidate paid more...

What the *** is happening at the CEP people?

What do you think about that?

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Genevieve says...

Come on people, what's that mean demands for the president to go, go where it doesn't work like that seriously I'm really tired with you Haitian.

I understand you people may not like the elected president is okay for you not like him, but guess what you people have no other choice he has to finish his term whether you guys Ike it or not that's the way it should be. Seat tie in wait for the next con, but you can't ask for a President departure because you like the way he's doing his things.

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Paul Francois says...

If the justice find them guilty both must go to gail. Haiti est un pays corrompu.

We must stop

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Wilbert says...

It is a common practice in every poor country, where people are struggling to make ends meet. But, in her case, if it's true, it's all about maintaining her lifestyle at the expense of the haitian

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Rtondo says...

I can't say jail the person but she need to change her

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Cheria says...

He should go to jail for offering a bribe and she should go to jail for accepting a bribe! A thorough investigation should be conducted to eliminate and prosecute all who participated in bribes (candidates and CEP members alike)! Just the fact that he so readily admitted to such a thing, proves that we have no moral compass!! If you are Jovenel Moise fan, you should be begging for a commission to review the results b/c I bet he won first

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Hermann says...

He's mistake of keeping it secret until now and paying cash instead of a check for proof of these atrocities and

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Jean Vital says...

Yo bezwen komanse bay moun sa yo anpil prizon paske moun sa yo konplis nan pwoblem peyi

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Ricardo says...

Nou panse ke siw te yon moun ki responsab ou patap di "Yolette Mengual pran 15 Mil dola US nam men Depute Gerald Jean" men ou t'ap di "Yolette Mengual tava pran ( Oubyen Depite Gerald akize Yolette...) 15 Mil dola US nam men Depute Gerald Jean. Men se pa enfo w'ap bay, se sou zen ak sou fe politik ou kanpe, se nomal pou se konsa ou lage l'.

Kontinye jere ti enterew

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Hen says...

SE haityen menm ou pa ka fe konfyans ni matelly ni moise jn charles ni narcisse ni steven benoit ni cep ni kep ni opposition ni prop fre ou minm manman minm papa ki leve ansanm avek ou prop madnam ak mari minm pap ak pitit se pa politisyen selman se haityien minm ki gin problem.

Ni Jean ni Yolette se minm bagay.

Jovenel tro intelligent pou li foure tet li nan demagog sa pou vacabon ap

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Creole06 says...

Se pou yo arete fanm volèz

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