Explained: The last four Haitian presidents all wanted to change Haiti for the better. So why did they fail?

FACT: There is a group of people in Haiti DO NOT want the country to change at all... Aristide, Preval, Martelly, and Jovenel, the last four elected Haitian presidents wanted to change the country. They all tried and failed. Why is that?

Haiti presidents Aristide, Preval, Martelly and Jovenel Moise, Great presidents but...

President Aristide wanted Haiti to change for the better. So did Rene Preval and Michel Martelly. Current Haitian president Jovenel Moise wants to make Haiti better but none of they could or can because there is an ANTI-CHANGE force in effect in Haiti who want things to stay just the way they are, says Garry Pierre Paul Charles, Journalist and political analyst on radio SCOOP FM.

This force "ANTI-Changement" is in every sector in Haiti and they are ready to swallow you whole if you want to bring about change in Haiti and make the country better.

Aristide tried and failed. He wanted to change the country and they gave him two coup d'Etats. President Preval tried to negotiate with them but that didn't help. President Michel Martelly tried but at the end they swallowed him whole and took total control of his presidency.

"President Michel Martelly said Haiti is Open for Business and they made him swallow his words," Journalist Presimon Jean Marco said.

President Jovenel Moise is trying like hell but this "Force Anti-Changement" is doing the same thing to him, making sure he fails. Nothing he tries is working.

The journalists argued this "Force Anti-Changement" is everywhere, not just among the rich in Haiti. It is a group of people who profit from Haiti's misery. It is in every sector in Haitian society, it is a system that is put together and it is well put together. It is a system of "blockage" of all national projects in Haiti.

Garry Pierre Paul Charles gave a perfect example of what this force is:

"If they give you 20 million dollars for a road construction project Haiti where you were supposed to build the road with 16 million and earn a 4 million profit. You start building the road with 3 million dollars and you separate the rest of the money like a pizza pie, you are part of that force anti-changement."

Question: If we are smart enough to identify that such a force exists, how do we fight it? We have to, Haiti cannot remain in this constant misery at the profit of a few corrupt people.

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Joe Caz says...

Well one thing to fight the resistance you have to start revealing them so that we know who are the enemy so we can fight the if everything is in the dark we cannot fight the invisible

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Guylaguerre says...

Haiti se yon peyi ale vè lavan rayi chien di Dan li blan. 4 pezidan sa yo te vle yon bagay Pou peyi a min fòs anti chanjman kanpé an Croix Pou Haiti pa fè yon pa.epi Haiti se yon peyi ki gin tròp kòruption la dan peyi a.li pap janm ale vè lavan .paské nèg sa yo pa vle wè peyi se póch yo yap okipe kite mele yo avek. Pèp. Epi se pran pòz pèp la pasé toute moune..se vagabon restavèk..ti sousou..chien yo

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Un groupe de personnes en Haiti NE VEUT PAS que le pays change du tout ...

Aristide, Preval, Martelly et Jovenel, les quatre derniers présidents haïtiens élus voulaient changer le pays. Ils ont tous essayé et ont échoué.

Pourquoi donc?

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Subject: Explained: The last four Haitian presidents all wanted to change Haiti for the better. So why did they fail? edit

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