Dominican Son of Haiti President Michel Martelly Wants A Paternity Test

BREAKING NEWS - A young Dominican man, Patric Alfredo Martelly Garo, claims he is the son of Haitian President Joseph Michel Martelly and he wants the President of the Republic to take a DNA test... How did this happen? Read on...

Patric Alfredo Martelly Garo, Son of Haiti President Martelly?
Patric Alfredo Martelly Garo, Son of Haiti President Martelly?

Patric Alfredo Martelly Garo is 21 years old and... SURPRISE... He is illiterate... Can't read... Can't write...


The story broke on the official opening of school in Haiti... As President Martelly launches his FREE education program, the world discovers he may have an illiterate son!

Patric Alfredo Martelly Garo claims his mother, Magdalena Samboy Garo, slept with Haitian musician Sweet Micky, now president of the Republic of Haiti, One night after a party back in 1989, and gave birth to him.

"That's what my mother has always said," the young Dominican says...

News of this "Dominican-son-of-Haitian-Presidential-decent" is all over Dominican newspapers like El Nacional, Listin Diario, and is making its way through many Dominican blogs on the Internet.

The story goes like this...

Patric Alfredo Martelly Garo, the supposed son of now President Martelly, lives in Los Cocos de Enriquillo, Barahona DR, his mother died when he was 5 years old.

Patrick Alfredo Martelly Garo says he holds a document in his hands attesting that he was born in Petion-Ville Haiti on 9 Feb 1990 and that his father was a musician with the family name Martelly.

Young Patrick Alfredo cannot read or write, the newspapers are saying, and he wants the Haitian President to undergo a DNA test to prove that he is indeed his father.

Proving his biological father, he says, will allow him to get a birth certificate (I don't know it will be a Haitian or Dominican birth certificate) so that he can go to school, get an education, and be somebody some day.

Very interesting... considering that the man he claims to be is his father is now offering FREE EDUCATION to the children of Haiti while, as it stands, he is illiterate AND an orphan in the Dominican Republic!


Should president Martelly accept to take a paternity test in a foreign country because of a child who claims he is the father now that the musician is president of the Republic of Haiti?

What if he is the father?

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Marie says...

he knows better where he failled than even the boy let him decides what is best for his

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Irmone says...

Why not that would be noble of him and if he is his son, of course, he should help him as he would have helped his legitimate children as he has enough money to help another human being specially if he is his own

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Claudette says...

of course, Martelly should be force to take the D NA test. This child is not responsible for his action.

Too many men do not believe they are accountable for their one night stand.

I hope justice is

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Amelie Julien says...

Hahahahaha that what happens when you don't keep your pants zip may end up in trouble when you don't

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Rajiv Leroy says...

I have mixed feelings about this. With everything going on between Haiti and DR, and the "antihaitianism" movement in DR. I think President Michel should not take the test. I feel like its too late. Haiti does not need to have any more history with DR. The boy should stay in his country where his mother left him. All haitians are very good hearted people, but we must show that we are stronger than the DR. After what's been happening, we don't need to deal with them no

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Garry Destin says...

He should but in Haiti not the dominican

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Reveye Ayiti says...

Fuck yourself.

He's my father also. Why he doesn't claim Danilo medina as his father, just because he knows there are lot of Stupid Haitians like you gonna support him. Why he didn't claim him before he got his power?

What's his mom's nationality?

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Yves Arthur says...

i'm wondeing why before michel martelly take the power this never talked about it?any way he must to make the AND test and i know martelly is someone taht like to help people in dificulties!so we are waiting something positive.

he looks like so much the michel's

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Wesley says...

Sad i think it"s true because a lot of Domican woman that's get pregnant for haitian in haiti go back to DR.if that woman truly love you she won"t need your money she would just tell the kid who the father is....i was going out with a domican woman she told all she wants from me is a kid cause with the kids she feels like you always there domican woman good

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Nazer says...

He should take the DNA test...I can tell it was President mistake and at the same time he was not his fault he did not know the night stand if no one said nothing to

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