FREE Education In Haiti A Reality, Martelly Sends Over 700,000 Haitian Students To School...

School officially opens in Haiti Monday, 3 Oct 2011, and President Martelly kept his campaign promise by sending over 700,000 to school this year...

students in Haiti

According to an AFP News report, President Martelly's National Fund for Education is paying tuition for 142,000 students who will go to school for the first time, 120 000 other Haitian school children in the North and Artibonite department will benefit from state support go to school.

Additionally, 490,000 students in municipal schools will not pay school fees this year and 20,000 more who live in poor neighborhoods of the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince will go to school at the expense of the state this year.

In a school opening ceremony at the Ecole Nationale de Tabarre yesterday, 3 Oct 2011, President Martelly says...

"Pwomes Se Det (a promise is a debt), Today we are moving from 'words' to 'ACTION'... Action for a total of 772,000 kids in the Republic of Haiti...

Today is a big day for the Haitian people, Article 32 of the Haitian constitution is finally respected..."

FYI... Article 32-1 of the Haitian Constitution does say:

"Education is the responsibility of the State and its territorial divisions. They must make schooling available to all, free of charge, and ensure that public and private sector teachers are properly trained."

BUT Wait,,, There's more...

The Martelly administration has also launched FREE transportation for Haitian students in the metropolitan area and is working on a plan to provide FREE meals to the Haitian school students as well.

What do you think about this?

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Enante says...

great job, mr. president, I hope we keep on helping and donating for this not to be a one time thing.

I am proud of my president and of my country.


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Haitian Don says...

Political experience?

Haiti needed a pationate leader, one who cares about the state of his people rather then his own wallet.

Martelly is doing an exceptional job in only a few months.

He's done more then any of his predecessors by making this campagne promise and following through.

Kudos to President Martelly, keep up the good

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Narie says...

Haiti Cherie Your Liberator has arrived.

What a relief/What a relief for those of us Haitian diaspora who struggle sometimes to help a bit with schooling etc. Chapo ba President/ Chapo ba.
Keep up the good

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Augustin Enock says...

Wawwwww I can't say how I feel when heard this.

I will call Haiti more often in order to get more money ./..

May be next year he will have the opportunity to send more to school ...

Pa fe nou wont presidan vot mwen an mwen pa regret li so far"May God bless u and our

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Jerry P says...

God is great, things will get better in our nation.

Never give up, keep the focus in God first Mr.President, they wants you to fail, but don't let them pull you down. I am very content so far with what you're doing in my beautiful country, I know God sent you for a purpose, may you please be wise and know that God is with you always.

May God bless and protect you, your family, the Government, the country and each and every brothers and sisters who resided inside Haiti!!!
My Lord may you please hear my words, feel my sincerity and let me not be ashame, because my faith is in you. Thank you Lord for everything you has been and doing still both for me and my

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Ericka says...

Se gwo koze

am so happy to hear this.
He is doing a great job
hope he keep up the good work.
this is

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Colonel La says...

Haiti - Education: Back to School, a historic success for Martelly (Speech)
04/10/2011 10:38:47

The President Michel Martelly, officially launched this Monday, October 3, 2011, the school year 2011-2012 on a historical note, characterized by the accomplishment of the projet of free education for 772,000 schoolchildren.

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Mathom says...

It is great: Good job Mr. President, I hope your plan be successful, and may God be with you. Hopefully your next project will be the security, so people can travel to Haiti.

I am thinking of coming back open a

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Grenadye16 says...

Haiti knew a period of time like this with the general Henry Namphy when giving everything for free. This is a good idea I must confest but I question the way He plans to do

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Christopher says...

That is the first good thing the kids that are coming will study in the History of our beautiful nation! Thanks to God & Thanks to the president Martelly!
Hopefully the opposition will applaude him but not trying to bring him down! Tears almost come out my eyes when i was reading this. We are proud of you president Michel Martelly & We, in the diaspora really see the reason why we paying a dollar on every transfer to Haiti & also understand why there's less minutes when we use a card to call Haiti! #NewHaiti with baby

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