Aristide, Money Laundering and TELECO - The Miami Feds Investigation

Haiti ex-president Jean Bertrand Aristide is the focus of an investigation by the feds in Miami for his alleged role in a money-laundering plot involving phone contracts in Haiti. Is Aristide in trouble?

Jean Bertrand Aristide

Within one week, President Aristide's name has been linked to drug trafficking, corruption, and now money-laundering... What's going on?

The ...

"Former Haiti President Jean-Bertrand Aristide is once again in the cross hairs of the U.S. government, this time for allegedly pocketing millions of dollars in bribes from Miami businesses that brokered long-distance phone deals with Haiti's government-owned telecommunications company, according to court records and legal sources.

Aristide is not identified by name in a recent federal indictment charging four South Florida business people and two former Haitian government officials. But defense attorneys say "Official B" referenced in the corruption- and money-laundering indictment is indeed the ex-president."

Bon fout...

Aristide has been in Haiti since before the 2011 elections, many will agree that he has been very quiet. I wonder why suddenly, Aristide is making headline news... AND... for reasons that could land him in prison for a very long time...

Hmmmmm... An nou swiv baaaay yo... Sa-w panse???

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Chelber says...

comment li fe posede tout cob sa pa fe sa li preche...aristide vinn fe pati elite et puis bay moun cite soley zam pou defan li, fe mache pou li le li nan problem...sorry creole mwen pa finn trop

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Marjorie Middy says...

Politics and good just don't go well together.

Since Dessalines to Martelly, plundering the country's wealth has always been acceptable by those politicians.

It is just got worse as the game got tougher along the years.

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Hmoney says...

Aristide se youn nan pi bon prezidan ayiti te k moun ki pavle wel yo bal tout non yo kidnapel yo fel sa yo vle si nou pat bal chance a payi a bal chance li a fanmil poul viv.yap blanchi divalier yap sal

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Richelle says...

I have nothing against Jean-Claude, Our land was ok when he was president, but Aristide, this guy is nothing but a disaster for our country;therefore, he deserves to be judge by International court.

I have been saying that for so long, Aristide needs to be judge by international court and he will be find gulty of every charge they have on him. Aristide is a voodoo priest, thief,and the most ugly president Haiti ever had. Preval will be next, Boniface,and the rest of the crooks.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Patrick Princivil, none of these B A S T A R S deserves peace.

As for Aristide, he don't want peace in Haiti.

Vakabon sa gin yon vye demon ki rele'e toumante'e.
Demon sa pap jan'm kite misye rete

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Any Haitian presidents that get kill by CIA deserves it.
They knew the game they were in, they were just too stupid to play the CIA game.
Many presidents around the globe play the same game, they just smarter than Haitian presidents and some African presidents.

As for Haitians we fail because we are greedy.

Remember, CIA love greedy

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I disagree in some degree, you are right their sentences will please the United States even other country like France.

But this guy is not showing any remorse for his deeds, as for Jean Claude in some degree that is not the case.
Aristide is more criminal than Papa

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Rev. Vikki Yeghoyan says...

I have read articles about reconstruction money after the earthquake having been used to help finance his campaign...

I have read many articles about the "education money" being received from taxes on our phone calls and money transfers to Haiti.

It was a large amount of money.

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Toulimen Legrand says...

Richelle, let the Haitian justice follow its course and don't wish any punishment for anyone.

Aristide and Jean-Claude's sentences will please the United States and not all Haitians.

Haiti will not benefit from it and no lesson will be taught ok. After those former presidents, Haiti will always be and remain the same, a paradise for CIA's infiltration, crimes and corruptions over and over. May the Almighty God appease your heart and forget and forgive those former moronic presidents

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Toulimen Legrand says...

This is CIA's plot to assassinate Aristide and Divalier in the country and after they will go after all former presidents.

If they refuse to put aside their differences and form a council of former Haitian presidents, they will get killed oneby one by CIA. Now, the drone airplane over Haiti will get them killed one by one if the CIA hit men in Port Au Prince refuse to do the dirty job. This is a country well controlled and managed by the U.S.CIA and the Martelly's government is filled by those paid CIA's agents as well as within the Haitian Congress.

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